You meet a man from online… he’s handsome, he has kids too, and is divorced just like you. You want to show a guy you like him— and be subtle about it.

Is it OK to tell a guy you like him?

Sure. Sometimes. Yes. No. Maybe. 

Real helpful, right? 

From the way this man you like has written his profile he seems like he… (GULP) gets women. One of those romantic evolved men (Yes! They are out there, I promise). 

That’s something new on Plenty of Fish, but Bumble, OKC and Match have got some aware men on there. Just kidding POF, sort-of. 

So many men seem like they just want to show off their big fish, the big watch or their big car, or their big whatever.

rich guy with sports car

Lots of men are peacocking hard online

They think they have to, because it’s much harder for men online than it is for women. They HAVE to do more work than you. 

Are compensating for something or what?

cute girl winking

Ok, back to the story of should you tell him you like him or not…

So you send him a wink as you cross your fingers, hoping he will respond. And of course, he will because you knew how to put together a killer online dating profile.

And guess what happens. He sends a message in less than five minutes. He seems sweet.

And here’s what the guy you liked wrote…

Hi Sugargirl,

I liked your profile and I’m writing to say hi.

I like that you know who you are and what you like – I am the same. I like that you are in shape and that you appreciate a man who knows how to take care of himself – both on the inside and outside. I like that you liked my profile.

How shall we proceed? Would you like to meet for coffee/drinks or talk on the phone first or exchange a few emails? Even though OKC says we are a match, we can only judge chemistry when face-to-face. Let me know?

The guy you liked sounds pretty promising, no?

OMG! I’m pretty sure he likes me! You think to yourself.

What a great email! So you give him your number and he calls right away.

This guy knows a good thing when he sees it. YOU! This law of attraction stuff really works online.

women in man's lap

The conversation went great and he asks you out on a date IRL

You want to let him know you like him without jumping in his lap. 

So whaddya supposed to do?

First, you get ready and give yourself some love before you meet up.

Having good dating habits and self-love will make your dating life even better. 

You’re out to brunch the eggs benedict are great and the conversation is amazing. But you’ve had wonderful first dates before and you never hear from greendad205 or Italianstallion again.

Did you not let those guys know. you liked them the right way?

Were you too aggressive?

Were they just players?

couple walking their dog in the park

Should you not have slept with them on the fist date? There are copules who hookup on the first date have a lasting relationship. 

Well, we’ll never know for sure why they never called, unless you ask them

You don’t want this one to get away either.

You want to reel this new guy in so he keeps coming back for more

So there is one simple thing you can do when you are walking out with your date that will give him the right signals.

Anyway, letting a guy know you like him is easy. 

When you do this simple trick it will do 3 things inside of him. It will make him

  1. Let him feel your body next to his
  2. Make him feel like you need him
  3. When you do this, he’ll feel like a man

What to know what it is? When you are walking out of the restaurant after he opens the door for you…

And then… SLOWLY and SENSUALLY put your arm in his arm.

That’s it! There are many other ways to flirt with men— that work!

Men LOVE this. It’s easy and you get to feel his manly muscles. It will give you and him just a little physical connection that he totally craves. So don’t forget on your next date with the man, let him feel like a man and it will make you feel like a woman.