Have you ever been obsessed with a man and find that he’s not giving you what you want or need? But you are still obsessed with him? Do you want to learn how to stop an obsession?

This has happened to many woman I know, myself included. It’s so easy to live in a fantasy and not look at what is really happening when you have an obsession with a man.

You went on a couple of dates and everything seems just peachy. He was texting you sexy messages, calling often, being flirtatious, swooning you ever Saturday night with expensive California Chardonnay and Brazilian Steak, and taking you out to fabulous brunches every Sunday, (the glorious morning after).

And then he starts to back off, and things aren’t quite as grand as they were before.

But you put on your smiling face and pretend everything is as tasty as apple pie. But in that yummy pie face of yours, he can sense your obsession with him and he backs away ever more.

He feels it because we are all connected on an energetic level. Especially when we have an emotional attachment. Especially if he’s really handsome, we have been intimate, and we feel something deep for him.

When a man backs away it is natural, because he may be assessing if you are the kind of woman that he truly wants in his life.

And if you get clingy, keep texting, stalking him online and dropping by his office to say “Hi” without an invitation this can lead to an unhealthy obsession.

You can stop your obsession with a man with 3 easy steps.

1. Recognize that the scales are not even

You are aware that something feels off balance. He’s not giving much to you, (or nothing at all), yet you still think about him all the time.

The smell of his cologne is the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning and his 5 o’clock shadow is the last thing you think of before drifting off to sleep.

Understanding they way you feel about him is still a fantasy. There isn’t a relationship yet, and if you exhibit clingy behavior nothing will push away a man faster than that.

Having deep feelings for a man doesn’t mean he has deep feelings for you, yet. This is one of the first steps to break an obsession… Understanding that he isn’t devoting as much of his energy and time as you are to him.

2. Be willing to let go of him.

When you are clinging onto the idea of him and he is not actually by your side, you are only hurting yourself.

You feel off balance. You can’t sleep or you can’t eat. Or you stuff your face with potato chips every five minutes.

A man can feel your unbalanced energy. That’s why he is running away, because you are emotionally and energetically chasing him and are attached to him with expectations and fantasies.

3. Cut the cords.

There are energetic cords in all of our relationships.

Cords are powerful and can be healthy or unhealthy. And when you are sending out unhealthy cords in his directions trying to make him do what you want and grab onto him it will scare him away.

He might not realize that is what is happening, on a conscious level but he feels it energetically. You can cut the cords yourself, or you can see Reiki practictioners, Barbara Brennen Hands of Light Healers (one of my personal favorites).

Or you can do a ritual yourself.

Imagine cords between you and cut them using your imagination. These are the basics.

When you cut the energetic cords when you have an obsession with a man, it can be painful. You might not want to let go. You resist it. One of the reasons you resist is because you want to control what he is doing. Especially if he is doing something that you perceive as wrong. This can be not calling you as much as you like or not calling you at all.

You send out these energetic cords from you and literally try to capture him in your energy field. You need to release him so you can both serve your highest purpose. Controlling someone with your energetic cords is not a form of love, it is a form of control.

I don’t know anybody who wants to be controlled. You can stop the obsession by cutting these cords, deleting him from your Facebook and your address book.

It will be very beneficial to your spiritual life and his. When you cut the cords, you are basically surrendering to the divine. You will be letting go of control of what you think should be happening.

The universe is conspiring to shower you with blessings for your highest purpose!

When you realize you have an unhealthy obsession, you can make the choice to change how you feel. You can change how you will react without him in your life.

You will be Ok.

When you release a man who is giving nothing to you your life will open up to better experiences.

In a healthy relationship cords will also form. These loving cords will be shared and not controlling in any way. There will be a flow between you. You will feel lighter and not afraid of the unknown.

When you choose to stop your obsession over a man you are choosing to live your best life. And if you still feel heartbreak you can watch this short presentation.