A doormat is a woman who bends over backward to please her man; a woman who will do whatever it takes to try to make her man happy, no matter how badly he treats her. Have you ever wondered if you are being a doormat? Here are ten red flags that you’re being used as a doormat in your relationship.

1. He gives you “crumbs” and you pretend to be happy about it.


Is he just texting you once a week to make sure you are still there waiting for him? He’s just stringing you along and keeping you as his side-dish, and not the main course. In essence, you’re his backup plan. He’s making sure you’re still available on Friday night, in case nothing better comes along. You’ve got to learn about your boundaries so you can get the love you want.

2. He texts you last minute to meet up β€” and you actually go.

He doesn’t even call, but rather texts you to make a date at 8 PM on Friday night. Don’t do it, unless you’ve been seriously seeing each other for a while.

3. You offer to do his laundry.


Seriously ladies, if you’re not living together, don’t even consider turning his stinky socks inside out and dragging them down to the laundromat. If he’s that busy, he can call his mom or the dry cleaners.

4. You make him dinner three days a week.

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. If you’re making him dinner every night and then washing the dishes afterward, you’re training yourself and him to be doing it like this forever.

5. You let him come over at 2 AM after he’s been out drinking.

If he’s drunk texting you to “hang out,” beware: you’ve become his booty call.

6. You drive hours to meet him for a first date.

If you’ve met a guy online and he wants to meet you, he will drive the distance. If he lives 12 hours away, you can consider meeting him half way. But if it’s three hours or less, he can get out the gas card.

7. You offer to feed his pets when he’s on vacation.

golden chair

He’s on vacation without you, and you’re going to the pet store to pick up a fresh rat to give to his enormous albino boa constrictor. It won’t only be the rat feeling like he’s getting the life squeezed out of him β€” you will, too.

8. You accept when he’s an hour late to your dates.

If he’s a few minutes late, give him a break. But if you’ve gone out four times and he’s always at least one hour late, you’re being more and more of a doormat every time.

9. He asks you to leave after having sex.

This is about one of the best ways to feel like a doormat in the worst way. If you like to snuggle up with your lover after sex, he needs to know this is important to you.

10. He talks about his sexual conquests in front of you.

You aren’t one of his fraternity brothers and you don’t need to hear about all the notches on his bedpost.

You need to be clear with your personal boundaries. Figure out what’s acceptable to you and what’s unacceptable. We’re all different, but no woman ever needs to be anybody’s doormat, even if he’s the richest, most handsome guy you’ve ever met.The article was originally published at YourTango with permission by the author.