Do You Value Yourself?

It is such a beautiful fall day, so I went grocery shopping. The grocery store is not only a great place to fill your tummy, you never know who you’ll run into in the produce section.

Outside of the store were loads of fall mums in purples, reds and yellows. Different size pumpkins were enticing the shoppers with their jack-o-lantern ready shapes.

The red mums were calling my name (I think I need some grounding reds) so I went over to buy one. I looked at the price tag expecting something around $10. But the tag said $3.99. Only $3.99? What a deal!

So I grabbed this beautiful blooming mum and a curvy pumpkin, and put them in my cart.

This bargain made me think of value. This flower will bring me joy until the blooms fall away then I will probably put it in the compost pile. But for now I will value its beauty, and it’s incredible price tag. Even though it didn’t cost much I appreciate it. I value it.

What kind of value do you put on yourself?  How much love do you give yourself? Do you give yourself a high value and enough love?

Do you think you are worth something? I know you are worth more than you probably know.

You can learn to value yourself, even if your self esteem is down in the toilet

Do you expect to be treated like something that has low value? You might look beautiful like the mum I bought today, but if you feel bad about yourself you could end up in the next potential partner’s compost pile.

If you place value on yourself and love yourself, it doesn’t matter if you’re wearing your yoga pants, you are covered in sweat, and your hair is in a ponytail.

When you are single, and you don’t have the perfect car, the perfect job or the perfect clothes, when you learn value on yourself, men will notice.

When you are dating a man, you can be wearing a dress from goodwill and still place high value on yourself. You can be a struggling actress who waits tables to make ends meet, and you can still place high value on yourself.

You are a woman who deserves to be valued.

Even if you haven’t had a date in a year, you learn to value yourself; you will start attracting better quality men.

When you learn to value yourself, men will notice. And men who value themselves will start to come in to your experience.

It all begins with loving yourself. Look in the mirror and say to yourself, “I love you, I really really love you.” These are wise words of Louise Hay. She is the queen mamma of loving yourself.

It might be hard to learn to love yourself but you need to learn how to value yourself, because if you don’t love yourself, then how can someone love you back?

Take time out of every day to tell yourself “I love you.” It will work magic in your life, I promise.