I’m such a sucker for fireworks. This is a story about fireworks, but not just about fireworks. It’s about life, how to attract love and how we feel. We hold on. We hold on things that we can’t hold any more physically… But we try.

I was driving home from a small town one night. As I was cruising down the freeway, I saw all these beautiful fireworks. It made me think about my life, and how sometimes there are fireworks that just blow me away. So I’m driving toward this awesome fireworks display. I think it’s the grand finale. I’m driving closer and closer. Then I realize I have to make a turn away from the fireworks, and I’m not going to be able to see them anymore.

I didn’t really want to let them go. But I didn’t have a choice if I wanted to sleep that night. So I made the turn, and I start driving down this new road, and I let them go. I didn’t have a choice. The new road started heading toward the fireworks. Oh goody! I get to see the fireworks again. I thought this is great, maybe that wasn’t the grand finale, and I’ll get to see it after all. The grand finale began, and there was one amazing firework in particular, it sparkled out so far and wide. It wasn’t a traditional star-burst one. It was a new design I had never seen before.

This special firework connected with the sky, and I felt so connected to the fireworks myself. But, I realized that I had to let these fireworks go too. The road made twists and turns away from the fireworks display.

It’s was the end of the night, I had a great day, and there was a big fireworks display. But it eventually came to an end, at least in my perception. But the fireworks always happen again, if you want them to. So you keep making those turns in the path of your life. Sometimes there will be fireworks, and sometimes there are no fireworks. Sometimes you even have to drive away because there’s no other choice. The fireworks are a good reminder that sometimes things just fade away. But fireworks always come back. There is beauty in fireworks. And you have a spark inside of you that is just like that.

The spark inside of you is one thing that you don’t have to hold on to. It’s already there. You just need a little inspiration to light it up so you can find your most amazing potential. Your own personal sparkly, beautiful light that will light up the night sky. You have the potential to light up a room with your smile.

Try it. Be brave and smile at that handsome guy at the coffee shop. It might ignite something more exciting than a firecracker in his pants. You have more light than any firework I can ever imagine.