When it comes to modern relationships, people nowadays simply can’t figure out the difference between casual flings and serious long-term relationships.

It doesn’t matter if you’re into gay, straight, or interracial relationships, you probably encountered same problems in your own love life.

Therefore, in order to help anyone out there who might be having similar difficulties, we decided to share these top 5 signs that may indicate your relationship is getting serious.

Your Partner Becomes Your Priority

Every relationship is a bit casual at the beginning, that’s perfectly normal. You’re testing things out, trying to see if you’re good for each other. Then, after a few months, things start to change and you’re not that casual anymore. You start changing your plans just so you can spend more and more time with your partner. 

For example, you don’t watch your favorite TV show on your own anymore, you watch it only with your partner. This is the first sign that your relationship is becoming more intense. You know exactly 

You Start Talking About The Future

The conversation about the future can be very dangerous for a casual couple. Everyone is afraid of making plans with someone else, but if you feel comfortable planning the future with your partner, well, your relationship is more serious than you thought. Dreaming about your life together means that you want to stay in each other’s lives for many years to come.

You Feel Comfortable Around Them

Relationships can be rather awkward at the beginning. You can’t quite relax while you’re with your partner simply because you don’t know each other very well. This is, of course, perfectly normal for every new relationship. If, however, after a few months you start feeling more comfortable and relaxed around your partner, it means your bond is more profound. If you’re able to be completely free and be yourself around your significant other, it means he/she is the one for you.

Meeting The Family And Friends

This is probably one of the biggest milestones in every relationship. Not everyone has the chance to meet someone’s family and friends, so if your partner invites you into his/hers inner circle, well, it’s safe to say that things are getting pretty serious. If you get an invitation to get inside your partner’s private life, it can mean only one thing – your spouse has big plans for you.

You Stop Playing Games

Being emotionally unavailable is completely understandable for every man and woman in a fresh relationship. This is a rather elaborate defensive mechanism which prevents people from getting hurt. However, if you start feeling like you don’t have to pretend and play games anymore, your relationship is definitely starting to get grow. 

If you can be yourself around your significant other, well, you’re on your way to be happy! The ability to be completely honest without fear is a sure sign you’re sailing into some serious waters. So, adjust your sails and let the wind take you someplace nice.