Love and relationships are one of the most important aspects of almost every person’s life. Of coursesome people are focused on their career and getting ahead, but deep down everyone wants love and people are so confused and need some good love tips.

Having a great relationship has the potential to fill your life with colors and happiness. 

Get into a crumby one, or even a mediocre relationship can make you wish you didn’t have a relationship. 

Without love, life can feel purposeless and empty, and that is a negative mindset so many people have. When you think of your love life or dating, do you ever say to yourself, Ugggghhh? I give up. All the guys I’m meeting are only into themselves. 

So I want each and every one of you to have the best relationship possible.

And the most important relationship is the one you have with yourself. 

It is true that you can be loved when you don’t love yourself, or even hate you (which we all do, at least sometimes), but when you love yourself it gives you an even greater capacity for love going into your heart and going out. 

Love has the power to fill your life and your heart with light, but being in love can make you feel sad and dark, and lonely too. Every relationship will have struggles, and when you have some know-how it can even make the struggles a point of inspiration. 

They can be a springboard to getting clear for the next problem, and how to overcome it in a more positive manner.

Your friends can be a source of love tips and sometimes they are terrible and can steer you in the TOTALLY wrong direction. Friends are great for listening and usually giving bad advice. But just having a shoulder to lean on can help you through your relationship problems. 

This is why we decided to help you with some love tips from the pro so that you can steer clear of getting too far down into the mud.

1. Learn what makes you and your partner feel loved.

Everyone is different, yet there are 5 main things you can learn that will help you understand your partner. The first thing I recommend to clients is to find out what makes their partner happy, and figure out what makes them happy too and then have a playful discussion about it.

2. Be honest, but don’t be cruel.

Tactfulness and truth go hand in hand if you know this secret. It’s called the positive sandwich. Here’s the formula.

  • Positive Sandwich Formula to solve any problem

Say something positive

State the problem and don’t make it about your partner’s personal self.

End with another positive statement.

3. Talk about your dreams and aspirations.

Ask your partner questions that aren’t just small talk. Here’s a good one. 

If money wasn’t an issue what would you want to do with your life? 

When you ask a question be quiet and let them answer it. 

4.  Discuss your problems, if this works for both of you.

There are couples who have an argument, get it over with, and never talk about it again, and this style works for them. Some people love discussing things for hours. If you have different problem-solving styles you will need to come to an agreement to compromise.

Feelings are very hard for some people to deal with because it makes them feel vulnerable and taps into their shame and guilt. Be gentle with your partner’s feelings, and also have compassion for your own.

5. Keep ego out of your relationship. I know it’s hard, because you are so good at using your brain, and you are so damn smart. And it can be so gratifying (in the short term) when you feel smarter than your partner. Being right will never make your partner love you more, but showing compassion and understanding will. 

6. Appreciate each other. Appreciation can make your partner’s heart open up and feel like he matters. Men love to feel needed, and they love it, even more, when you thank him for whatever it is that he has done to help you. 

Love isn’t a straight shot and for some people, it just “works.” But for the rest of us, we need to do a little homework, understand ourselves, and understand our partner. Understanding will help any relationship flourish like blossoms on a warm sunny day.