The Universe has a mysterious way of working, and learning how the universe works is challenging. It isn’t always easy to understand. More often than not, we begin to move away from our goals because we don’t know how to read the signs the Universe is giving us. Sometimes you might miss the signs from the Universe that you are on the right path.

You have done it all. Your manifestation intention is set firmly, and you are done with the visualizations. You’ve written down things and hold all that energy in your heart space. You’ve used love affirmations trying to get the Universe to work on making your dreams a reality. Then you wait and question: Now what? When will my manifestation come true? You want things to happen and you want some hint, that one hint that they’re coming true.

Understanding the Reality

But the reality is in nobody’s hands. Nobody can tell you when your manifestations will come true. There is no other person but YOU yourself that can make it happen. Manifesting only works as well as you do. You control. Think about your limiting beliefs, your emotions, everything. All of these things are in that little brain of yours–not in the hands of the Universe. The Universe is there to give you a little push in the right direction and act as your guide. It is you who does everything, so trust in yourself is the most critical criteria for knowing if things will work for you or not. Keep doing what you are doing, and leave the rest to the Universe. Do your part.

Everything in this world is easy, it’s us humans who make everything complicated. Manifesting is actually easy too. But we make it difficult. A great technique of manifestation is not to let anything become complicated and keep it simple. Just go with the flow.

It’s not rocket science, then why make it complicated? It’s just thoughts in your head and positive psychology and–the big one–actually just picking something to focus on. Sometimes when you’re losing faith, even the smallest hint or signs from the Universe can give you the strength to keep you motivated. There are signs your love manifestation is close and here are a few:


Manifestation Sign #1: 

Everything seems easy to you, and you feel relaxed.

You feel at ease even at the worst of times. You feel at ease knowing that your manifestation is already on it’s way to you. Your heart knows that it’s done and you don’t feel like thinking much about your manifestations anymore. You relax and let the Universe handle the rest.

Manifestation Sign #2:

Your manifestations keep showing up in one way or another.

Let’s say you want to buy a new car. You will see it everywhere. The Universe will keep leaving hints here and there. You will see it everywhere, whether it’s on the TV or somewhere passing by. You might question if it’s just signs from the Universe or coincidence. It’s not a coincidence. Something extraordinary is bound to come your way. So stay alert.

Manifestation Sign #3:

Things will get worse before they get better.

Things might get worse before they get better. Nobody knows how the Universe works, and sometimes unexpected things just happen. For instance, you want to manifest more money, but all of a sudden there are tons of things happening altogether, expenses are piling up, and you might feel like your manifestation is going away from you instead of coming closer. Think of it as a gift or a challenge. It’s like signs from the Universe that you are on the right path

The horrible things you are suddenly experiencing are a way of the Universe testing you and your belief in your intentions. Stay firm and remain calm, and your desires will come true.

Manifestation Sign #4:

The people surrounding you

The Universe begins to send you signs messages through people around you. The people around you become a medium for you. You might hear someone say something about the thing you’re manifesting, and it might just click to you that the Universe is sending you a message. For example, let’s say you want to open a bakery. While conversing, one of your friends just suddenly says that “oh, you would make a really great baker; you’re so good with sweets and stuff.”

It’s a sign

Manifestation Sign #5:

Things will happen in synchronization with your manifestations

Not everything is a coincidence. Synchronicity happens every day, in so many ways, without us knowing.

When your manifestation is getting close to you, you will begin experiencing things related to them. It can be a number you see everywhere you go, all the time – 11:11,12:34, 111, 222, or anything at all. It could be a certain song you frequently hear or a picture that keeps popping up everywhere. It could be a certain event happening again and again. All these are signs from the Universe that you shouldn’t ignore.

Manifestation Sign #6:

Hearing others talk About Your Manifestations

You can hear somebody talking about your desire. You decide to turn on the TV or the radio and you might listen to something related to your manifestation. This is a good sign. There are also unexpected signs of manifestation too you might not think about.

Manifestation Sign #7:

The things you dream about

Dreams can be weird most times but When your manifestation is close to you, you begin to see in your dreams that you already have what you wished for. That you have already achieved everything. You can start writing a journal to keep track of things. If you are concerned about love and romance, then your dreams can show you things too. Think of it as signs your money, health or love manifestation is close.

Manifestation Sign #8:

You feel a rush of excitement

You feel some sense of expectation and joy because you know it’s coming true. You can get excited and feel enthusiastic without knowing why you’re feeling that way.

Your soul just screams that “something awesome is coming. I can just feel it.”

It would help if you trusted that feeling; it’s a message from your soul to you. Your feelings are never wrong. Learn to trust your soul. It’s your Universe, within you. If you are struggling with your own self, try getting a free soul reading here- Soul manifestation review

Manifestation Sign #9:

Your life gets a major clean-up.

This is an interesting sign. The law of attraction brings you things that are in alignment with the vibrations of your desires. Something that is not in line with your manifestations will automatically go away from your life. It might be people, things, memories, objects, or anything at all.

You might find it weird to explain why they’re gone, but everything has already been set for you. Try preaching affirmations in the morning, they help you relax as well as make you feel confident. You may be seeing signs but no manifestation yet. Do your best to stay in a positive space, and go with the flow, and let divine timing play its part.

Manifestation Sign #10

Things start getting on the right path

You see things going on the right path in your life. You feel the success, and you feel powerful. You can picture yourself in the house you’ve always dreamed of. And your wishes seem to be only an arm’s length away from you. When we begin to see our goals and dreams manifest themselves around us, it’s the Universe’s biggest hints to us.