This article explains the basic concept of Masculine and Feminine energy and how it applies to how different parts in relationships come together collectively in achieving a greater whole and creating something more from that.

Over and over in relationships, we struggle to know where the other stands, and where we stand

Are they into me as well? Did they just put me in the friend zone? Why is it all we seem to have is sex and no connection? Why is there no longer any sex and it just feels like we are just friends? How do I create that passion/attraction once more? Why am I always going to him…?

In every relationship, the equation of Masculine and Feminine energy is constantly trying to balance itself. Not just in intimate relationships, but in the relationship with yourself first and foremost as well.

Masculine and Feminine energetically speaking is simply a way of labeling characteristics

That are in direct paradox to each other but ultimately complement one another.

For example, internal vs external, dominant vs submissive, conscious vs subconscious, infinite vs finite, active vs passive, yin vs yang, left brain vs right brain, etc. In every one of these comparisons there is one that is fluid and ever-changing (ie. the Feminine) and there is a side that is solid and unchanging (ie. the Masculine).

Whether we embrace it or not, we all possess both Masculine and Feminine traits as part of ourselves

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And these qualities have nothing to do with what gender we are. Over time we have come to know traits such as being caring, or patient or sensitive to being “Feminine” and being assertive, results-oriented or analytical to being “Masculine”.

Both sides of the equation are required in order to grow and expand

It is their similarities that allow them to connect and get along, and at the same time it is their differences that allow them to bring their own strength forward and for their partner to bring theirs. Together the individual parts become a greater collective whole. And the stronger the individual parts, the stronger the greater whole in its ability to grow.

Whilst two people that are only bringing half the equation each are able to come together, doing this for too long creates a dependency on the other to give you what you believe you do not have.

This results in the “you complete me” cliché. You can attract your opposite with your feminine energy.

It is through their differences that the shared whole of the relationship gets it potential to be more

Those differences create a particular attraction/ chemistry/ tension between the 2 that joins them to create more possibilities between them that wouldn’t exist if they were standing alone.

But whilst the nature of multiplicity in the relationship creates potential, the ability that the individuals have to see eye to eye and come together as one is what allows them to use their different strengths to grow and expand together. There are many ways to help you have a healthy relationship.

For this, each of you need both the Masculine and Feminine sides of the equation in each of you

So you can use the opposite energy to create that chemistry, and so that you can you the same energy to connect and come together as one.

To realize that both parties want the same thing at their core is what allows a deeper more connected experience with the one we love

Frank Fava is a Relationship Coach based in Sydney, Australia. He specializes in deepening intimate relationships and acting as a guide for individuals and couples on the natural process of growth in their love life. You can find out more about Frank and his work at