You can create joy, happiness and good feelings in your life while you are on the path to finding Mr. Right. The key is having mindful relationships with yourself, your friends, your family and every man you meet. Dive into these 5 easy tips to create more peace on the single path that will lead you to love. And this is only the beginning.

So many women and men live in the past and constantly worry about the future. But the place where we need to keep our heart is in the present. Your life is now, while you are reading this article and discovering more about yourself along the way. The past will never happen again.

There is only now— embrace it.

When you practice mindfulness it can help you discover the goodness and happiness that is available to you every minute of every day. There is no need to wait until you are in a relationship to have true happiness. Some people are alive and don’t even realize it.

When you take a minute to breathe in your blessing and you notice what a gift something as natural as breathing is, you can tap into the miracle that is you. Your life, your senses, and yes, even your bad dates.

Many people forget the treasure they have in their life of every waking moment, and they are not present with themselves and others. According to Thich Nhat Hanh the state of not being present is called forgetfulness— you are physically there, but not really there.

When you are mindful— you are living in the present, deeply, fully, and with joy even in the ups and downs.

The contrast to forgetting about the present is mindfulness. When you are mindful you are with yourself in the present moment— mind, body, and soul, all together at once.

When you notice the sensations in your body, you can become aware of the joyful things in your now moment. When you live in present, joy naturally follows.

Mindfulness isn’t hard and it can be so fulfilling when you start the practice.

Breathing isn’t hard, is it? It is natural— it just happens. There is a flow— like when you are on a good date. Things are just good. You’re not worrying about the dirty dishes in your sink or the project you have due on Monday morning.

Imagine you are driving home from the mall one night and you see the moon and it looks bigger than it has ever been. You are in awe of its magnificence. You don’t have to think about it, you just feel the magic in the moment and it is effortless.

Mindful Breathing

Your breath can be the same way, start noticing it and appreciating it. When you become aware of the things in the present your life will be filled with more ease than before. Evey breath you take is the pas to joy.

An easy exercise is just noticing your in breath and out breath. It really is that simple. In breathe, out breath. In breathe, out breath. Your mind is doing the noticing of your in breath and out breath.

When you decide to practice mindful breathing, make your focus just on that.

Mindful Walking

Notice when you walk. Be present with the movement of each step that you take. Each step that you take can lead you to more happiness. Each step you take is a step in the right direction to notice the wonders that are around you every moment of every day.

One foot in front of the other

Mindful Silence

When you learn to practice mindfulness with yourself first your relationships will become easier and more flowing. When you notice thoughts in your mind, just notice them and realize that they are just thoughts and don’t run your life.

With practice, you can quiet your thoughts, (but this does take time). If you practice silencing your mind and it’s still going— don’t beat yourself up over it. Just be aware of your present moment. Feel your breath, the room you are in, the way your butt feels in your seat.

Mindful Concentration

When you focus on something like the apple you are eating or the flower you see being mindful of something can help you have insight. You may have feelings of utter bliss and joy just from watching a cloud or really listening to one of your favorites songs.

You can practice concentrating with just about anything. Practice observing something a color in a poster, the bubbles in the bathtub— and it can help you penetrate the inner workings of whatever you choose to focus on as well as your insides.

Mindful Tea Drinking

You can also use coffee, but tea just has some good healthy energy behind it, but I love coffee. I don’t mind giving delicious mocha latte my undivided attention. I love to feel the warm mug in my hands, notice the sensation of the fluffy whipped cream with little tastes of chocolate syrup mixed in with the hot chocolatey goodness that flows out. Tea works, but so does anything you drink as long as you notice that you are drinking it.

These are just some of the keys to being mindful.

So when you are on a date with a new man, or a second date pay attention to what is really going on.

Notice how the fork feels cool compared to the tender warm chicken going into your mouth. When your date speaks, don’t be on cue ready to spew out what you want to say. Listen to his words, the tone of his voice and the look in his eyes.

Be mindful of the way you feel and the way he makes you feel. Be present in the moment and enjoy being alive. When you are present with yourself and your dates, you are practicing having mindful relationships even if they are only for a minute. Practicing mindfulness will help you love yourself and have more loving relationships with others and yourself.