As a couple, particularly one that’s endured the test of time, it can be all-too easy to get stuck in a rut of monotony. And especially during a global pandemic – when we’re told to go home and stay there – it’s even harder to come up with dating ideas or to reconnect with your partner in fresh ways.

But, fear not, folks. There are still ways to keep things spicy with your sweetheart.

Even in the strangest of times.

Creative Date Night Ideas

Recreate Your First Date

Couple recreating their first date at home

What better way to rekindle the sparks than by going back to the time when they first lit up? 

Take a stroll down lover’s lane by re-enacting your first date. Yes, like everything, this one might be a little trickier during a global pandemic. You might have to improvise a little, or really stretch that imagination muscle.

But you can still keep the sentiments; reminiscing about the nerves, the jitters, the excitement, the chemistry. 

Do you remember what you talked about? What you were thinking of each other? Do you remember the moment when he sneezed red wine onto your favorite white top (okay, maybe that only happens to me)?

Did you feel a spark? Have a good time? Did you wear your sexiest underwear that has since been buried in the bottom of the drawer (or worse, demoted to laundry day undies)?

Again, you don’t have to get the details right – it’s all about that reminder of why you fell for each other in the first place.

Have a Sleepover

Couple playing video games

And I’m not talking a “meet me in the bedroom while I slip into something a little more comfortable, wink” sleepover. (Although those are very fun too, and please take this moment to add it to your list of date night ideas.)

I’m talking a “Mom, PLEASE can he stay over tonight?” sleepover. That’s right: throw on your favorite onesie for a kid-again sleepover with your sweetheart.

Don’t deny it: they were fun back then, and they’re fun now. An obscene amount of Twizzlers? Check. Epic blanket fort? Duh. The Goonies? Never say die. 

And whoever falls asleep first gets their hand dipped in warm water. 

Just kidding.

But – the absolute best part about a kid-again sleepover with your sweetheart? (Besides not getting in trouble for being too loud.) (Oh, and besides the fact that you can add rum to your late-night root beer floats.) (Oh, and besides the fact that there may be sex at some point during the sleepover.)

Well, wait, nevermind, I just listed all the best parts.

Conversation Starters

Couple laughing at conversation starter questions

Sure, you may know everything about his morning routine. You may know exactly how she takes her coffee. You may know that he can recite every word to Mulan.

Yes – you know each other like the back of your hands.

But – have you ever asked what they wanted to grow up to be as a child? The three books they would bring if suddenly deserted on an island? Their greatest fear?

Throw a few “conversation starters” their way, and get the conversations rolling.

Just when you thought you knew everything about this person, you’re hearing stories even they may have forgotten. And can lead to some wildly fun and insightful conversations that even cohabitating couples may not have otherwise had.

Granted, this one may feel first-week-at-college cheesy at first. But when you’re divulging long-lost childhood memories or your partner is coming out with stories they never even thought to tell you – it’ll be more easy to forget about the corny factor.

Especially if you remember the wine.

Zoom Dating Ideas

Ugh … like many couples, you, unfortunately, may be locked in this dreaded combination of long-distance and COVID. Trying to shake up your stare-at-the-screen Zoom calls? Why don’t you … 

Take a Vacation

Couple taking a virtual vacation

Thanks to the power of all things internet, the world is quite literally at our fingertips. And, especially since the pandemic hit, cities and destinations are making it easier to “travel” through their landmarks.

There are activities to do with your boyfriend even when you’re trapped inside.

Take a stroll around the Great Wall of China.

Slip on your comfiest slippers for a walking tour of Budapest.

Pop on over to Canada to see if there’s any Northern Lights action happening.

And head to Hawaii (you don’t even have to be bikini ready).

Find hundreds of other destinations that have opened their virtual doors to tourists from all over the world.

Jet-lag free. Wanderlust approved.

Get All Sophisticated and Stuff

Dating ideas: couple at the Louvre

Fancy a trip to the world of arts and culture?

After shutting down, many museums – of both “local” and “internationally acclaimed” proportions – have put a portion of their exhibits on Google. Take a virtual tour of the Museum of Modern Art. See what’s happening at the Van Gogh Museum. And – is that the Eiffel Tower over there, just a mere click away?

In addition to the centuries-old art, many exhibits include history, anecdotes, and other interesting information about the piece.

Hey, you might even learn more than you would have in person.

Opera and Chill

Couple followed dating ideas and went to the opera virtually

You and your socially distant honey may have run through every episode of Umbrella Academy and are already exhausted by reruns of The Office. Fancy adding a little culture into the mix?

For a limited time (aka as determined by COVID), the Metropolitan Opera has shuttered its doors and opened its stage, now streaming new operas every day. 

Watch what would have been very-many-dollared tickets to an internationally acclaimed show, as performed by the finest of the finest.

Up close and personal. For free.

Oh, not a fan of opera, you say? That’s what you think …

These are all fun things to do with your parter— even the stay at-home opera.

Rachel Marsh is an award-winning writer and a non-award-winning comedian.