Have you ever wondered… What is the best online dating advice for women concerning “How long should I wait to meet a guy from online?” Check out this quickie video and find out: How long should I flirt? Should I make him work hard to meet me?

So, you are new to online dating, or maybe you are a season dater and went on 3 dates last week. How long should you flirt online? 1 day? 1 week? 1 month? The worst thing in the world is talking to someone for 3 months then meeting for dinner and it’s a total nightmare.

A man or woman can have a great resume online and even give good email, but until you meet in person you will never know if you have good chemistry.

How long should you wait? Or not wait?

Online dating is an art and everyone isn’t Picasso. It takes practice to learn the ropes of online dating, or you can take it from a gal who has been in the online dating trenches and can share with you what she has learned from her own experience.

In this short video you will learn how long to wait, and there will be no game playing involved. Save yourself some heartbreak, and learn exactly how long you should wait before you meet. It might come as a a surprise.

If you follow this timeline of meeting a potential partner, you won’t have to waste another precious minute of your single life.

Put your foot forward and learn the art of flirting, online dating and finding the love you want and deserve.

If you need help with online dating and you wonder if your pictures are up to par?

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