MY Friends at wanted me to share this really fun graphic with you. If you are online dating, there are some very intersteding ideas to check out. If you’re into Harry Potter, there is actually a dating site for that. Go figure! Online dating is NEVER boring, and if it is, you’re doing it wrong.

If you have ever been on a blind-date then you will most probably have felt that heart sinking moment when you meet up with the supposed manor woman of your dreams for the first time and instantly realize that they are simply just not your type.

Online dating agencies have seen a phenomenal rise in visitors to their sites over the last decade and this has been mainly due to how much easier it is to search through a list of possible matches and eliminate the definite no-no’s before you waste time meeting them.

Another reason why online dating is now so popular is the fact that so many niche dating sites offer you a chance to find people with the same specific interests or even give you the chance to choose someone who wears a uniform in their work.

If you really only want to meet a fellow Trekkie or want to find your very own Mrs. Robinson then you are almost certain to find a niche dating site that will be able to match you up with your perfect partner.

There are many hundreds of niche dating sites online and here is a look at where you might find people looking for love.