Let Go Of The Fireworks— Let Go Of Him & Attract Love

I’m such a sucker for fireworks. This is a story about fireworks, but not just about fireworks. It’s about life, how to attract love and how we feel. We hold on. We hold on things that we can’t hold any more physically… But we try. I was driving home from a small town one night.…

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How To Stop An Obsession In 3 Simple Steps

woman staring at phone

Have you ever been obsessed with a man and find that he’s not giving you what you want or need? But you are still obsessed with him? Do you want to learn how to stop an obsession? This has happened to many woman I know, myself included. It’s so easy to live in a fantasy…

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How To Be A Confident Woman— In 5 Little Known Ways

Do you feel like you’re not good enough for a man? When you are going out with a man that you really like does your self confidence start to go down the tubes? Do you start feeling like you’re not good enough? Not smart enough? Not pretty enough? Maybe that you’re not deserving of him?…

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How To Talk To A Man. In 5 Easy Steps

How To Talk To A Man. In 5 Easy Steps. Do you ever feel overwhelmed when you are attracted to a man? Do you feel totally confused and just don’t know what to say? You are not alone. Almost every woman I’ve spoken with has felt this way at one time or another. Even the…

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Epic Love Story: The Dating Detective

My name is Deana…? But nobody with any sense, calls me by the name on my social security card. To them I’m Dina Z Colada, Dating Investigator. Keep reading this epic love story…  You won’t be sorry 😀 It all started when I was sitting in my office working on the daily word search: If…

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5 Hot Essential Principles: How To Enjoy Being Single

We’ve all been there— you know… Singledom. There are 5 easy things that will help you enjoy being single, instead of feeling sad and lonely over your Single Facebook Status. I was reading an article called heat seekers in Psychology Today. This piece was based on a study in Emotion. The participants who felt sad and…

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How To Be A Confident Woman— The 1 Thing You Need

You’ve been married for 12 years in a mediocre marriage. It seemed like 25 years. You’ve been sleeping alone for an entire year by yourself— Except for those nights that one of the kids had a nightmare about the creepy OO Ghost from the poster in first grade again. And you want to learn how…

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How To Deal With Getting Rejected By A Guy — 3 Steps

man rejecting womans kiss

  I got a question from one of my readers and here she goes… Q: It hurts when a girl builds up so much courage to approach a guy & a guy doesn’t even give her a chance. Why be so heartless? In the following words, you will learn how to deal with getting rejected…

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Should I Move On, Or Wait For Him?

Woman with clock waiting for a man

I received a letter from a reader and I want to address her issue… Should I move on? Let’s dig in. Question: Me and this guy, I’ll call him D, have gone out for a week. He broke up with me 2 weeks ago. He told me he really wasn’t ready for a relationship. He…

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My Boyfriend Is Mad And I Don’t Know Why

man ignoring with a book

Here’s another Q&A from another reader. Jenny wants to know what to do. She said, “My boyfriend is mad.” She’s not sure what to do. I have one sneaky trick that will help her attract him and increase her standards at the same time. Here is her question… Q: I don’t know why. I waited…

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