What Do Men Really Want? These 9 Irresistible Traits.

How to act on a fir

So many women struggle with wondering what do men really want in a woman? Do you consider yourself an ultimate catch yet experience trouble attracting men and getting into relationships? Join the club. Men may appear passive in matters regarding the heart and relationships but it doesn’t mean that they are. Just like women, every man has a type.…

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4 Places To Meet Guys If You Are Sick Of Online Dating

places to meet guys

I love online dating, and maybe you do too, but you feel like you need a big fat break from your phone and you want to know the very best places to meet guys. There are more than 120 million unmarried singles just in the United States. How many of these people are straight, or…

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17 Positive Heartbreak Quotes To Heal Your Broken Heart

positive heartbreak quotes

A failed relationship doesn’t define your future or you and positive heartbreak quotes can help you along the way It is hard to go through a breakup, divorce or you lose someone you deeply love and care for. Especially when you are fresh out of the relationship it may feel like you will never feel…

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Get Your Husband Back After Separation— For Good

Get Your Husband Back After Separation

This is a guest post by Jenna James With a lot of careful consideration, planning, and techniques, you stand a chance to get your husband back after separation and reassembling your family. Here are a few things to help you understand how to win your husband back after a divorce. Divorce can be a very…

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He Called Me A Good Girl— And I Did Not Like It

happy good girl

Being called a good girl— it’s a trap? Is it a way I should be? Is it the way I am? Am I a good girl? No. I don’t think so. And I like it when men talk to me like I am a human and not a well-behaved dog. I’m not bad girl per…

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Dating After Heartbreak— 3 Goodies You Must Know

dating after heartbreak

Getting back out there after a painful breakup can be hard. There are ways to make yourself excited about dating after heartbreak. Let’s get to some of the things that make you scared to put yourself out there again… You can get excited about dating after heartbreak even if… You told yourself you would never…

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How To Have Mindful Relationships With 5 Effortless Steps

How To Have Mindful Relationships

You can create joy, happiness and good feelings in your life while you are on the path to finding Mr. Right. The key is having mindful relationships with yourself, your friends, your family and every man you meet. Dive into these 5 easy tips to create more peace on the single path that will lead…

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10 Love Tips To Build A Strong Relationship— Like A Boss

build a strong relationship

A lot typically goes into things to help you build a strong relationship with your partner. If you see a happy couple that has been together for a long time just know it has taken them time and effort to create what they have. They just didn’t walk into it; it took a push that is…

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Getting Over Your Ex-Boyfriend In 10 New Ways

getting over my ex boyfriend

There are more ways than one that makes getting over your ex-boyfriend so much easier. Stalking your ex on Instagram, hooking up with any man you can get your hands on, or drinking too much may make you feel better for a minute, but it won’t last. These are the new ways to get over…

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15 Ways To Mend My Broken Heart

broken heart in the sun

An anonymous person once said, “If someone you love hurts you cry a river, build a bridge, and get over it.” This quote explains is one of the 15 ways that helped me mend my broken heart, and it can be one of yours to, because you will eventually build a bridge to a much…

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