Some people say that I’m pretty/attractive (that’s subjective though of course) and I’m a nice person (for the most part haha) but I don’t have a boyfriend… I’m 20 and I never really have. I’m not as social as I’d like to be and I’m terribly shy and a little awkward. But I also hear that I always “look mad” and people usually assume I’m stuck up. I don’t know how to control the look on my face. But do you think all this makes me sound unapproachable and that could be a reason why I’m not dating anyone?

Some people naturally have a “mad” look on their face that may make them seem more unapproachable. And you can control it. You can smile right? or at least have a coy look? I want you to practice in the mirror. Really look at yourself. Do you look mad to yourself? Smile at yourself and see if you look more approachable. Practice finding the looks that you personally find appealing or even take pics of yourself. You can be aware of how you look. If you feel your mouth turning down, be conscious of it and perk it up a bit. It’s just muscles! You can also exercise the muscles in your face by smiling then frowning and making different funny faces.

As for the shy part I would like you to practice not being shy! Start saying hi to at least 5 people a day and smile at them! Smiles light up the world and make other people feel good. It may make you uncomfortable, but you can do it. Just keep it up!