I love online dating, and maybe you do too, but you feel like you need a big fat break from your phone and you want to know the very best places to meet guys.

There are more than 120 million unmarried singles just in the United States.
How many of these people are straight, or not dating someone, no one can ever know the exact answer, but then again, answers are never straight when it comes to dating.

But one this I do know for sure when you meet a man in person you can tell so much more about him than via the internet.

You get to see so much more: the way he sits, the way he talks, the way he smells, the sound of his voice, the way he owns the room, or doesn’t. Want to know how to spot an unavailable man?

So what’s a single gal to do when she’s tired of swiping the same men over and over?

Keep your head up, your heart opens and your phone off.

Part of the battle of meeting a good man is telling you that there is a possibility of actually meeting one. There are millions, but you have to put yourself out where you can find them. Find him. Men who are different than the ones you are used to.

The Green

Not a golfer? I suggest you start because every woman, (and man) could use a golf instructor. Even Tiger Woods has one.

My brother told me that he would never gold with me again until I went to the driving range. Guess who else goes to the driving range besides my handsome single brother? Other men.

Clothes matter. So get yourself dolled up in the right golfing clothes, (and you might even look like you know what you’re doing).

I’m not saying that you don’t know how to play golf… but I don’t, and I will at least look good while I hit the ball 20 times to hit the green.

The Tech Store

Guys love toys and techie gear, and you want to be up to date on what new phone is coming out right? Window shopping never hurts anybody’s wallet, and it certainly won’t hurt your date life did it?

Techie stores are filled with guys looking for new gear and maybe a new woman in his life. So don’t be shy asking a man what he thinks is better… a laser printer or an inkjet? Men like when you ask for their opinion, so ask!

The Airport

The lounges and waiting rooms before you fly are full of professional men, just make sure you look at their hand for a ring.

Airports are also a great place to practice flirting if you are not good at it. You can flirt with someone and not be good at it because you can choose to give him your number, or not. So it’s a win-win. You get to practice, and you might get a date out of the deal.

The Dog Park

Talk about eye candy! You get to meet men and their cute pooches. That is a good deal. Who doesn’t like to pet a puppy and not have to worry about picking up after it?

Cruising for double cuties, get out your doggie treats and prepare to get and give some attention.

Business Networking Events

Every town has networking events for business professionals. These are beautiful places to give out your number. It could be to promote your PR firm, or your card plays double duty as a hey here’s my number cutie card.

These are just a few places to meet men other than your online dating apps.

I can’t wait for you to buy a new computer, start golfing, take a trip and get some fresh clients at your business event. But I want you to get some dates!