Recently Single? The Best Tips For Moving On After A Breakup.

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So you’ve been in a relationship for a year with they man you thought you were going to marry. But you became “just another girlfriend.”

And after one too many fights, you became the ex-boyfriend. You were working long nights to help her though beauty school. You thought that was what you were supposed to do to help he and to help your relationship.

You loved him so much and he broke your heart. The fighting, lonely nights by the phone. Now all the nights you feel even more alone.

Now you feel broken, and you feel like you are going to have a heart attack. Or maybe you feel numb, because it was the only way you thought you could protect yourself.


I know… I get it. I’ve been there before and in the beginning, it was so good. How on earth did it ever get so bad that he broke it off?

Did you start to focus on everything that was going wrong? Did you focus on what he did or didn’t do? Did you focus on how he drove you crazy?  Do you want the best tips for moving on after a breakup? Keep reading. It really is simple.

It probably got to the point, where you weren’t really even happy yourself in this relationship and you brought out the worst in each other.

This is when the relationship gets even worse, to the point of breaking up.

At this point the relationship is over, and you don’t know what to do with yourself.  You need to get back in touch with who you are and make yourself feel better. The Law of Attraction is in effect even if you don’t realize it.

The Law of Attraction is at work every single moment of every single day.

So you need to get on the path to feeling good.

There are a few simple steps that will make your life easier. I love Esther and Jerry Hicks and the teachings of Abraham. Their guidance will help anyone get through a tough time. If you are feeling so bad because you are single and you don’t know what to…make a list of the things you like and do them!

Like attracts like, and if you are feeling bad, guess what you are going to attract? More of what you don’t want. So it’s time to flip the switch and get to the good stuff if your life.

sunshine lily

Do whatever you can do to feel good. And I mean anything. My favorite thing to do if I’m feeling down is to take a nap. Here are some other ideas… Drink some tea. Sit in a hot tub. Spend time with your kids. Look out the window and appreciate the sun. Take a walk in nature. Talk to your best friend on the phone.  Go to the gym.

When you breakup, I know it feels like the worst thing in the world, but it really isn’t. Sometimes we have to have a big heartbreak to get us to feel our worst so our heart is cracked open so we can let love in again. You can learn to love again. You can learn to love yourself and someone else. And I promise if you love yourself, you will be open to receiving love again. And I promise you will feel better if you do whatever it is to take care of yourself.

Gandhi said, “be the change you wish to see in the world.” How do you want the world to feel? I hope you want the world to feel good and to be a beautiful place filled with magical gardens, because it truly is.

If you take the time to appreciate the miracles in your life you will attract amazing miracles every single second of every single day.