Recover From a Breakup- Five Tips

Going through a breakup is something painful that everyone experiences in their life at some point. As you probably know, it takes a toll on you physically and emotionally. Believe it or not there are healthy ways to get through it. It is hard, but possible as long as you treat yourself right and stay positive. Here are some tips for getting over a relationship.

 Take time to yourself

Being alone can make a powerful difference in your breakup recovery. Taking time to yourself after you split up is important to get all your thoughts together. Take time to be depressed about it. Watch sappy movies and eat ice cream in your bed, just chill and take care of yourself.

Coping with a breakup starts with being real with your feelings. Don’t try to act like everything is okay. Pretending like everything is fine and going into the full swing of things right after a breakup can end up being overwhelming and make you feel worse.


Getting over a breakup involves treating yourself right and doing what is good for you. Go to the gym or just go for a run around your neighborhood. Exercising releases endorphins that make you feel more energized and positive. Knowing how to get through a breakup is hard because you’re sad and can’t think clearly all the time. Getting outside for a run, or even just to walk your dog, helps you clear your head.

Be around supportive friends

Being around your friends during this time is very helpful. Your friends will help distract you and keep you company. Just focus on having fun with them instead of focusing on why you’re sad. They can also offer you breakup advice that you wouldn’t have thought of before.

Do activities with them that involve stimulation and also relaxation. If this is your first time going through this, your friends probably have and they know how to get through a breakup.

Meet new people

Go out and broaden your social hemisphere. Finding a rebound is okay but only when you are ready. A rebound is honestly one of the necessary steps in getting over a breakup. Just be social and meet as many new friends as possible. Go out and try things you have always wanted to. Expand your mind, meet new people, and have new experiences! Coping with a breakup is hard enough, don’t do it all alone! Be single and happy about it. It is a time to start something new!

Delete them from your social media

If you are having breakup depression, it probably isn’t the best idea to be seeing their face on instagram and snapchat all the time. All reminders need to be eliminated! Try going around your room or house and just taking things that remind you of him/her and put them away. Splitting up with your partner is similar to going through a detox. That person was like a drug to you and you have to cleanse yourself of them to get through it.