Relationships tend to get into a rut, that is completely normal and somewhat expected after many years together. Of course, constant communication, kindness, and empathy can do a lot to stop resentment from building up. Sexy games for couples can amp up your relationship.

So, if you have been feeling distant from your partner lately. Then make sure to have a chat regarding your feelings, plans and future together. But, if things are generally fine, it might be that your mutual spark has fizzled out. Again, this is completely normal. Because being together for a long time and sharing every bit of your life with someone can diminish the passion and desire, especially if you have kids as well. 

Sex life is a vital aspect of every relationship, so it’s important to keep it alive. Adding some sex games for relationships to spice things up can be of great help. So here are some tips that will help you rekindle your passion.

If it feels good, try roleplaying

If you’ve been someone who enjoys reading military romance or has always been fantasizing about being rescued by a hot fireman, then roleplay might be just the right thing for you. Therefore, feel free to explore all the fantasies related to certain professions or situations that you find arousing. That can be being pulled over by a cop or being a naughty school teacher while your partner can be a student. Just remember that anything goes as long as it’s safe and consensual.

Introduce some sexting games to your routine

You might conflate sexting with rude and unsolicited picks someone sent you long ago. So if you feel hesitant about it, that’s fine. However, sexting the one you love is a whole nother level, especially if you’re thinking about spicing up your relationship. 

There is something truly exciting about sneaking out of your business meeting to take a naughty pic in the bathroom. And send it to your partner or receiving a text where he says what he’d like to do to you later. This type of communication can build up your desire and make your sex life exciting and fun. 

Consider getting some extra help

Sex in a relationship can become stale due to stress and boredom. Taking care of your household, working, and simply living together is often a sure way to forgot what it’s like to want each other. Disconnection, emotional, stress, and health issues can affect men in the bedroom.

There are other fun things to do with your partner that could rev his engine too. That could bring some spice into your life.

So, adding some extra toys along can definitely increase the pleasure and make sex playful and fun again. for couples will bring back the trust. And show you all the different ways that you can elevate your lovemaking to a whole new dimension.

Don’t forget to be sexy 

When you live with your partner, you see them in all kinds of situations and attires. So, rest assured, your partner still finds you breathtakingly beautiful even when you wear sweatpants and a tee. Similarly, you probably do the same. Nevertheless, making an effort to be sexy at times will help you be in the mood. And without the mood, there’s no satisfying sex life— sexy games make it sizzle. 

Of course, your partner is expected to make a similarly equal effort to please you. So, walking in underwear, or simply transforming your style to a more suave one will surely pique your partner’s interest and make them want you like before. And doing yoga can do amazing things for your body and your confidence.

There are great sex games to play with your spouse or BF.

Sexy card games can be fun

Nowadays there are multiple sexy card games on the market, so if you choose one or two, chances are you’ll be in for a super fun experiencefull of laughter and naughtiness. Besides, we all know that variety is a spice of life. So why not include all those amazing little varieties into your bedroom? This can be especially useful if you feel stuck and don’t know what to do next. 

So go get yourselves a deck of cards, light up those candles, pour some wine and be ready to amaze each other again with exciting sexy games for couple!

Final thoughts

Love is the most important part of every relationship, but sex games to play with a partner can play a huge role in building connection. So don’t neglect it. Mainly if you’ve been together for long and feel the desire to reconnect with your partner. s

Be open and honest about your desires and preferences. And feel free to experiment in the bedroom, and don’t forget to be considerate of your spouse’s feelings and boundaries. That way you’ll rediscover each other and feel those butterflies just like at the beginning of your relationship.