You’ll never look at coconut oil the same way again.

You are scrambling to history class and writing papers during the day. You’re serving up eggs over easy and bad coffee at night, while wearing skin-colored panty hose, ugly white tennis shoes, (that, in itself, is a nightmare on top of a nightmare), and brown bric-a-brac 1950s apron. Even you, my hard-working gal, can get away from it all. And after wearing that outfit, you deserve freedom from the greasy spoon with some hanky-panky when you get home. (Although, the waitress outfit could be good for some role-playing… if you change up the shoes.)

Everyone needs a break. Especially you. With everything you do, you still only have $50 in the bank, and barely have time to paint your nails. With these simple steps, that will only cost you a few dollars or less with some creative planning, you and your lover can forget about the world and feel like you are living life on the islands. Get ready for some freedom in the bedroom with these tropical inspired role-playing sex games.


1. Play The Story Game
Pretend that your boyfriend is the cabana boy at an all-inclusive (and I mean all-inclusive), resort in the Bahamas. Write a short sexy erotica tale of your beach side fantasy. Send him a sentence or two of your naughty wishes throughout the day and build the anticipation for both of you.

Make sure and use plenty of descriptive words like juicy, skin, lick, tongue, dripping and hot.

2. Turn Yourself On First
With all the sexy texting going on, you should be feeling pretty warmed up by the time he is on your doorstep. But more self-seduction is always in order. Plug in Pandora’s island music station to get yourself even more hot and bothered. Take a shower and dance for yourself in the mirror while you get on your bikini. The sex games start in your mind first.

If you’re feeling really frisky, you can even get a grass skirt and a coconut top at a party store. Wear a beach cover-up or wrap a towel around your waist so he doesn’t get to see all of you at once. If you’ve got a big straw hat and summer glasses you might as well don those too and pretend you are a total island diva.

3. Get Ready For Some Sweet Treats
Prep up some tropical delicacies like mangoes, pineapples and leave the oranges unpeeled. Spread them out on a platter on top of beach towels in your chamber for a seductive fruit feeding frenzy. Indeed, these delectable delights will summon your mouth wanting more and the tastes will permeate his memory. The fruit plays a critical role in this sensory seduction and neither of you will look at mangoes the same way ever again.

Every time an orange is peeled in your presence, the smells will be infused with the air around you, and both of your brains will trigger memories of fruity sexy tropical goodness.

4. Get Him Undressed (Sort-Of)
When he walks in the door, greet him with a seductive smile and tell him there is a towel in the bathroom for him to wear. Then he can meet you in the kitchen.

5. Get Your Coconuts Ready
You can whiz up some pina coladas or serve up fresh young Thai coconuts with straws to sip on before your tryst. You can get these in juice bars and exotic food markets. Then sashay across the floor and let him follow you like a puppy into your love den. You can let him flip a coin. If he gets heads, he gets to blindfold you. If it’s tails you get to blindfold him. Either way, you both win! You can then surprise each other with feeding each other some fruit or something from your stocked goody basket.


6. Get In Touch With Each Other’s Senses
Have some household items in a basket ready to be pulled out for some sensory fun. Some items you can tease each other with and let the other person guess what you have going on.

  • Hairbrush (light spanking anyone?)
  • Silk scarfs (neither of you will know what is coming next!)
  • Feather duster (did you actually think that was for cleaning?)
  • Stuffed animals (you knew teddy would eventually have a purpose again someday.)
  • Coconut oil (it’s great because its edible!)
  • Glass of ice water (for ice cold fun)
  • Warm bowl of water and washcloths (opposite sensations are awesome!)
  • Vanilla extract (or other smelly goodies)

Have fun and don’t forget to smile and tell your partner when he does something that tickles your fancy. When you are in touch with yourself, your partner and you are using all of your 6 senses: tasting, touching, hearing, smelling, seeing (or not seeing) and your higher sense that not everyone talks about — your intuition. You will connect on a deep multi-sensory feeling level that you will remember for a long time to come. And you will come again and again and again.

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