We all yearn for the perfect partner and most of us have thought about the dream way we’d meet a partner. Like a story plucked straight from a top-notch romance novel of locking eyes under the moonlight (or a crowded bar) with a stranger in a large crowd. 

However – with dating trends how they are nowadays – your relationship is more likely to ignite from a smartphone or your computer, especially when people are isolating. Online is becoming more the norm, than ever before. 

As more and more of us whip out our mobile phones to find that perfect man, it’s now a known fact that 1 in 5 of all relationships starts online. According to the PEW Research Center, the online dating stigma that was vibrant is now fading fast.

So, is online dating right for you?  The answer is YES! 

Here’s why we think you should take the lead, to a selfie photo shoot (no bathroom selfies please) and write an eye-grabbing profile bio. 

There are so many advantages to online dating apps, and more dating sites are coming up with quarantine features too.  

We’re going to cover 5 of the reasons why you need to get your online profile up STAT!

The dating pool online is enormous

And it’s not just a bunch of jokers trying online dating. The Statistic Brain Research Institute states that 49.7 million people in the U.S. have posted their profile online. The main thing that restricts a lot of our dating habits is our geographical location. 

Even if you were to visit your local pub for a drink you still have a select choice (and a limited one of that) of potential dating partners (beer goggles can also wreak havoc). 

And make sure to not let three cocktails distort your vision of that “perfect” guy across the room. 

Online the possibilities are endless and as the dating trend online continues to grow so does the cluster of varying different types of dating.  There are over 8,000 dating apps running rampant through smartphones everywhere according to Forbes

Online dating apps give you control

With online dating comes freedom and control – you’re essentially in charge of everything.  You get to decide what information you put out there about yourself. From your bio, hobbies and interests how you like to be contacted (and of course when and if you want to reply). 

You get to choose what shows your best in your online dating profile. 

Instead of awkwardly shuffling while you try and think about something funny or clever to say… the freedom of online dating allows you to pause and think about how you want to respond. And this is great for all parties involved. 

Grammar is your friend in the online dating world. And having good online dating habits, like spelling checking your messages and making sure to use the right emojis, so a guy knows your making a joke, it’ll help you find the best relationship.

Online dating a great back-up plan to meeting people in person, and it can be a lot of fun! 

Just because you’re signing up to dating sites doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve failed in the real world – it’s the opposite. 

According to Stanford research, more than 50% of relationships begin online.

just a very convenient alternative. Whether you’ve got an eye on someone in your local area – why limit your dating scope? Your perfect match could be messaging you online! Even if it’s just for a one night stand, or something more substantial.

Using online dating apps definitely suits busy people

Even when the world is slowing down, people are still busy. And that means work schedules and various other things can wreak havoc on your time to get out and meet potential new partners. 

With online dating you don’t even need to spruce yourself up or book a babysitter – you can engage with anyone at any point during the day at your own pace and availability. What luck! 

It’s pajama day (all day) and your match doesn’t know or even care, because he can imagine you looking perfect when you have your first message online. 

Online dating works

This is what you’ve been wanting to hear the entire article and it’s true – online dating just works and has done tremendously for so many people – so why not you? A large dating community advised that 1 in 3 of their matches results in a relationship of at least 6 months or more – and these are great (and comforting) stats to anyone looking at venturing into online dating. Online dating can help you feel more confident and beautiful! 

Almost half of all of the students that attend the University of London said that they knew of someone who had met their partner through online dating – who knows – you could indeed be next! And with the state of the world, right now, it’s the best way to meet a potential partner.