A lot typically goes into things to help you build a strong relationship with your partner. If you see a happy couple that has been together for a long time just know it has taken them time and effort to create what they have. They just didn’t walk into it; it took a push that is just more than love. It is understanding, and learning about each other’s wants needs and desires.

For instance, most of the time you will be communicating with your partner in either a verbal or a non-verbal way. So unless your partner understands what you are trying to say when you are speaking or not, it will be hard to sustain the relationship. You will need to invest time in learning their love language and how to communicate to them in ways they can connect with you.

Are you intentional enough with the times you spend with your partner? If quality time is quality enough to enable you to know each other much better, the impact on your relationship will be huge. Intimacy can only grow deeper if your time together is effective when it comes to building lasting connections.

Well, that is just some of what you will need to do. And if you are willing to put in the work, then here are the top

10 Ways To Build A Strong Relationship— Like A Boss

#1 Learn How to Communicate With Your Guy

For your relationship to thrive, you will need to ensure that you have developed avenues where you two can talk about just anything. Don’t only assume that he can read your mind because he can’t. So speak your mind with as much openness as you can while also being sensitive to his feelings.

One of the differences between men and women in that regard is when a man is presented with some problem his partner is facing he immediately thinks of solutions while his woman usually wants his attention and understanding. So try to understand this behavior of him and that he is trying to be supportive.

Always be a good listener so that you also get his point of view especially when the two of you are discussing matters of the heart. In this way, you will be able to develop the kind of trust and emotional connection that will make your relationship grow stronger.

#2 Show Him Your Appreciation

When was the last time you appreciated your man? Well if you want a relationship that is going to flourish then you need to start doing it. Showing appreciation to your man for any effort he puts in will go a very long way in making him feel both special and happy.

The moment he begins to associate you with his happiness you are automatically going to be one of the people that he prefers to spend his time with more often. It will also make him feel respected in the relationship. And this is a sure way of ensuring that he goes the extra mile in making you happy.
Men need that affirmation during the relationship in order for them to feel that they are bringing value and that they are respected.

#3 Tease Him Frequently

Nothing builds sexual tension between two people than a tease. It is one of the best ways to keep him developing a sustained intense sexual desire for you. And there are several ways in which you can achieve this.

One of the ways to do it is to send him flirty texts while he is still at the office just to make him long for those moments he is going to get home. Or if you happen to be with him in public you can rub onto him in a subtle yet sensual manner just to stir the sexual side of him. It will really go a long way in keeping things exciting between the two of you and you know exactly how to flirt with him to turn him on.

#4 Let Him Chase You

All through their lives, men are taught to place value on the things that they earn through their effort. This is no different from the women and their lives, and this similarity between the sexes is precisely why you should let him chase after you. Allowing him to pursue you is a silent way of communicating your sense of self-worth to him. And this will go a long way in making him respect you and appreciate you. So even if you like him, don’t deny the thrill of the chase so that he demonstrates how committed he is to be with you.

#5 Have a Personal Life

The easiest way to make a relationship dull very fast is to spend every waking minute with your partner. Yes, if you want a relationship that is going to flourish then you need to ensure you don’t stop doing activities that always made you happy when you were still single. For instance, spend some time away from him engaging in your hobbies and growing in them especially if they involve a particular skill. You also need your friends and family to support through different areas of your life, therefore, create time for them too. Let your man miss you a little now and then.

#6 Let Him Have His Own Life.

Allowing him to spend some time away from you occasionally is good for him as it is right for you. First, it will enable you to find some time to go and hang out and reconnect with your girlfriends. It also shows him that you trust him enough to let him go for a boy’s night out with his friends and remain faithful to you. Sometimes he might just choose to spend this time alone engaging in testosterone activities that will leave him so refreshed and more energetic. This renewed energy is fabulous for your relationship, no?

#7 Flatter Him Once In A While

Everyone goes through those tough moments once in a while, and your man is no exception. In such moments you should always step in and show him some support. It will make him see you as his most significant support and an excellent source of encouragement for the things that he is going through in the daily grind. And this is a beautiful way of developing an intense emotional connection between the two of you.

#8 Do Things Together

If you understand your partner quite well, you will be best placed to relate to them very quickly. One of the best ways to build a secure connection over time is by doing things together quite often. It could either be through inviting your partner to engage in your hobbies so that they learn a part of you that is not that obvious to them. Or you could set common goals around activities like exercise and work through them together. In no time you will experience a much more profound emotional connection with your partner which is good for your relationship.

#9 Try New Things in Bed

Another thing you need to avoid entirely is allowing your sex life with your partner to be routine. It doesn’t work that well. Therefore, take the initiative to make your time in bed entirely different. You could start dressing in a much more appealing way to arouse him. Let him see something different every night. Also, try out things in bed to entice and give him extra pleasure. The kind that will make him anticipate a lovemaking session with you every single day.

# 10 Always Look Good

A mistake women always make is to neglect their look immediately they get into a relationship. The truth is men are very visual beings, and one of the things that will always attract them to women is what they see on the outside. By now you probably know the clothes that your partner likes so try and dress in those once in a while. Have days that you get to dress up for your dates with him. By doing this, you keep him reminded of the beauty he fell madly in love with, and it will sustain his attraction for you.

Anything that needs work is never easy, but the payoff is always something worthwhile. So making your relationship flourish is a journey that will need your man’s complete support and this path will make him commit to you. You can start off a conversation about it with him to understand his views or some of the things he feels you can do together. Just ensure that whatever you settle on is okay with him too so that you work as a team.

This piece was written my John Shen.