The 3 Best Dating Tips For Divorced Women

Getting divorce can feel like the worst thing in the entire world. But when it’s all over, you can take your power back and embrace your true feminine self.  Because you’ll be all by yourself, at least until you start dating again.

Do you feel lonely after your divorce? Almost every woman goes through this lonely phase. You might feel like the world is ending. You might feel more depressed than you imagined possible.  The loneliness. The depression. The crying; the eating too much or not eating enough.

Divorce is rough. And I mean rough. You know it and I know it all too well. You are not alone; half of the married women in the US have been there too. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I’m going to give you the best dating tips for divorced women that you can imagine.

1.    Take care of you.

Taking care of yourself can mean just taking 5 minutes to focus on your breath. This is one of the most important dating tips for divorced women. Because you are so busy working, running your daughter to pick up her tutu, then rushing to a performance. Not to mention, doing laundry, paying bills and looking for the matching socks. In your marriage you probably did even more of taking care of others. Get a pedicure, and then take a bubble bath. These kinds of activities will release oxytocin the feel good for women hormone. You need this to feel healthy.

2.    Learn how to forgive

The 2nd runner up for the best dating tips for divorced women is to process your feelings, forgive him and forgive yourself.  I know women are very good at taking the blame for everything and blaming themselves for all the problems. It’s even easier to claim responsibility for the wrongdoings in your marriage, especially if you heard from your ex-hubby that it was your entire fault. He was probably so emotional; he didn’t really know what he was even saying. Surrender the hurt, the blame and all the divorce pain. It might not happen overnight, but when you forgive yourself and your ex, your life will feel so much better.

3.    Receive

After you’ve taken care of yourself, and are in the process of forgiveness, keep your heart open, or at least work on it. Don’t be afraid to love because you feel hurt from your past relationship. This is the time you can learn to receive love by letting the men you met on give to you. Learn more great tips for dating after divorce.

It’s your turn to receive. When you learn to receive acts of kindness and love and you don’t push it away, you allow the flow. You are in a state of allowing, and not fighting. Your life will start to resonate “I am loved. I am loving. I am lovable.

You can see your divorce as a gift. A lesson. A blessing. You have come out of this rough patch alive and much much wiser than before.  Learn to love yourself again and expect a miracle.

If you are online dating, do your pictures the right way!