I was shopping in one of my favorite consignment stores and found an awesome bikini for my trip to LA. yesterday. Shopping and talking about men with the girls is so good for a woman’s soul. It releases oxytocin and we feel so much better about ourselves when it floods our body.

Whenever I’m in the store, we always talk about dating love and relationships, and of course I am always dishing out free dating advice for the women working and shopping there. I can’t get enough of teaching and learning about men, women and the challenges we all face when we are connecting. Or disconnecting, which is often the case in our Jetson’s style dating world.

My girlfriend in the store had a major complaint. She wanted to know why he suddenly stopped calling. She didn’t understand why the men quit calling after the 5th time. She was wondering what was it about the 5thphone call that scared them all away.  What is it with the number 5 anyway?

I did a little research and found that the number 5 symbolized some of the following:







These number 5 symbols are the traits that masculine energy exudes. Men are action oriented. Men are in constant motion and seem to LOVE freedom. It makes sense doesn’t it? Are 5 phone calls too many before meeting a new guy from an online dating site?

I don’t know what my friend’s conversations were like, but in more general terms these are some reasons explaining why he suddenly stopped calling.

1. Too many phone calls

Are you talking with a man every night before you have even met? It is showing him that you have too much time to focus on him. Do not talk on the phone every night unless that is in your agreement and you are exclusive

2. The phone calls were too long

If you are talking for an hour at a time this is much too long. You can keep things short and sweet and he will want more

3. You always pick up the phone if he calls

Even if you are washing dishes and your hands are covered with water, you rush to the towel dry off your hands and talk to him immediately. If you are in the middle of something, if he wants to talk with you he will leave a message asking you to call him back. Don’t let him think he’s got you on a string, because he doesn’t.

4. You initiate contact with him

Let him be the one to call you first. It doesn’t have to be every time, but men like to be the pursuers. If he says he will get in touch with you, the ball is in his court, give him the chance to throw it back to you.

5. You weren’t relaxed

If you kept washing dishes or are sending emails at the same time. You are not being present in the conversation. Take a few minutes to talk with him without distraction.

6. The conversation is focused on him

If there is a moment of silence, do you always fill it up with a question about him? Give him some space to ask something about you or tell you a story.

7. He is talking with several women

You might not be the only women in his world. More than likely he has a couple on the phone this week.

8. He is interested in someone else

It’s easier for men to not call you to tell you that he found someone. They just quit calling, he doesn’t want to be the bad guy or drop the bomb.

9. No mystery

You are giving him all the details of your work schedule and your cat. This isn’t too romantic or mysterious.

10. Talking about old relationships

Hashing out the details of your yucky divorce or your ex-boyfriend crashing his car into your porch is something that can be left for a later day.

11. Complaining

Men want to be with someone positive who isn’t complaining about everything. Nuff said.

12. Being negative

If you see the glass as half empty, you can shift your attitude. If you start to say something negative, STOP yourself. It might be trick at first, but it will really help you in your love life.

These are several of the reasons why he suddenly stopped calling me and they are the same reasons he stopped calling you. So stay tuned for more free dating advice for women so you can have Epic Dating, Epic Love and Epic Relationships.