One of my favorite online dating friends (who writes the best love letters by the way but not on demand), brought up the idea of this great love quote from Tom Robbins “We waste time looking for the perfect lover, instead of creating the perfect love.” You can do this today. Start loving YOU!

Sometimes when we are looking for the perfect lover we forget about ourselves, and this is where you have to start. You have to create the perfect love inside of you. What does this mean? How can we create EPIC Love?

  • When you wake up appreciate where you are.
  • Appreciate your bed.
  • Appreciate your heart beating for you.
  • Appreciate the sun shining or the rain raining.
  • Appreciate the unknown people and love that is inside of you and waiting for you.

There is great love for you and it might only be a click away, and you want to make your online profile shine. Make 2014 the year for EPIC Love!

The key factor is that we create EPIC Love within ourselves. Create love in our lives. Share your love with the checkout guy at the market. Spread a little light into the world. Smile at little kids and grumpy people. You never know how much the little things you do in your life will affect someone else’s world and it will only make yours that much better.

When you start living with love, appreciation and gratitude in your life, things will only get better, and better and better. Let that EPIC Love come out of you in every way possible, because when you create love that is exactly what will come out of it. More love. Even EPIC Love that will last a lifetime. 2014 will be the best year yet!

Here’s a response from one of my new favorite profile makeovers.

“I really enjoyed reading what you created for my new profile! You make my life sound fun and exciting!! 🙂 ~Lanice

One way you can do this is by attracting love by having an online profile that oozes with love that nobody can just glance over. Then you won’t have to do the searching, you will be the light that leads with love.

I would love to help you create the perfect online profile that will show the most loving and loveable aspects of you. If you let it go to the wayside, you won’t even care because you will be filled with so much love already. But a little more love never hurts anyone!

I wish for all of you to make this the best year EVER in EPIC Love. You’ve just gotta love yourself first. Click here to get an online profile makevoer for only $25. Make this the Year For Love!