Are you always put your significant others’ needs before yours? Have you been relying solely on your boyfriend or girlfriend to make you happy?  Do you define your self-worth by what your lover thinks? Do you need new ways to overcome codependency?

If so, you are in a codependent relationship.

Your relationship doesn’t have to end because of this—there are three easy ways to overcome codependency!

You may have noticed some signs of codependency but don’t know how to stop being codependent. According to Huffington Post, codependency can root from being scared to be alone and unloved. Meaning you set poor boundaries. You form an addiction for this person. An important step to overcoming codependency is acknowledging it. Admitting to yourself you have a codependent personality is important. If you follow the three easy ways to overcome codependency, you will find yourself on a steadier track towards your relationship goal.

Codependent relationships become dangerous because you start putting your significant other’s needs in front of your needs. Therefore, you stop taking care of yourself emotionally and physically. When you have codependent behavior, you can’t be the absolute best you. It can really sabotage your self esteem and your relationship! Don’t be discouraged, you can still save your relationship. Get on a good path to codependency recovery! Learn how to not be codependent practicing these three simple steps!

  1. The first way to break a codependent relationship is to take breaks from one another

Although this is probably the last thing you want to do, it’s vital if you want to break your codependent behavior! You need time away from each other to enjoy the time you do spend together. It is important to learn how to be on your own. Because in any situation you will have confidence and won’t obsess over being with that person. Being alone can help you clear your head. It can also help you realize things about your codependency you didn’t before!

Take some time to yourself. Hangout with your friends, go to the gym, do what makes you feel good. A healthy relationship shouldn’t feel like you have to be with that person 24/7! You should have multiple things and people in your life that make you happy. Breaking codependency is not easy. But taking a break from each other every now and then makes a huge difference on your road to codependency recovery.

Start Thinking about Codependency Counseling

It could be individual counseling or couple counseling. It is always a smart idea for codependency help. Lots of people are always hesitant about going to counseling. It’s understandable because you don’t want to think anything is wrong with your relationship. Don’t be scared to ask your partner if you should start going to a counselor for getting over codependency. It could make a whole world of a difference and change both of your perspectives.

Going to counseling will allow you both to open up in ways you do not normally. Codependency therapy will help you learn more about yourself and your loved one. Gaining this knowledge about each other and having a safe place to open up to your partner. It will help give you the confidence to end codependent behavior.

The best way to fix codependent behavior and how to stop being codependent is to face it head on and talk about it. There is a deeper issue to codependency that comes from a deep-seated issue and could come from your past that the counselor could help you address and deal with. You can’t move on from codependent behavior without addressing it!

  1. Depend on Your Peers as a Ways to Overcome Codependency!

There is a typical codependency pattern that a lot of couples go through where when you start dating them, you slowly drift away from your friends. All your thinking about is your boyfriend/girlfriend and spend all your time with them. But you need to surround yourself with not just one person, but a group of friends and family also.

Emotional codependency on one person is very unhealthy. When you invest all your emotions one person and something goes wrong, you’ll go insane and feel like the world is ending. Lots of people get depressed and anxious.

But if you start depending on your friends and family more for emotional support, you won’t feel so awful. You’ll have people there for you in situations your partner might not be there for. These three ways to overcome codependency may be overwhelming at first because your in love and don’t want to think anything is wrong. But if you want to overcome codependency some drastic measures need to be taken, start today with some good habits!