Dating and finding love can be a nightmare for people of all ages, but the challenges are never more real than for those of us over 50. There are many great things about reaching the prime years of our life’s—more free time, money and resources to enjoy, experience with life’s challenges—but entering the dating scene in the hope of finding a partner can be one of the more intimidating elements. Many women wonder what do men in their 50s want in a woman?

Luckily, while it may seem intimidating, dating in your 50s is nowhere near as bad as you think it is. If you are wondering how to find a boyfriend when you are over 50 With the help of a few tips and tricks, you will soon be on your way to a fun and exciting dating life.

Make Your Goals Clear

The first and foremost thing that is important to understand before dating in your 50s as a woman is what you are looking for and what your goals are. People date for wide varieties of reasons and seek relationships in different forms: some people are looking for long-term commitments, somebody to spend the rest of their lives with; some are looking for a more casual relationships at 50 years old, somebody to have fun with, but not necessarily be committed to; others still are simply looking to enjoy the dating experience with no particular goals further than that.

Knowing what your goals are allows you to clearly communicate them to potential partners, as well as seek out partners with similar goals. There is nothing worse than finding what would seem to be the perfect person, before discovering you are looking for radically different things. Knowing what you want makes so much easier.

Stop Making Excuses

One of the most common problems people face when trying to date, either for the first time or after a relationship, is taking the first steps. People often find themselves making excuses and finding reasons not to start relationships ay 50 years old. The first steps are the hardest, but without them, you won’t be going anywhere. Stop making excuses for why you shouldn’t start dating and just get out there and try it.

Refresh Your Looks

Everybody falls into their own comfort zones, and that is especially true when it comes to looks. How we look is how others form their first impressions of us, so refreshing your look can be a great way to boost your confidence and make an impression when you date.

Refreshing your look can take many forms, from complete makeovers, both the physical and wardrobe kind, to trying out a new hairstyle. It doesn’t matter how you choose to refresh your look, but doing so is almost a guaranteed way to boost your confidence which will, in turn, boost your chances of dating in midlife success.

dating in your 50s as a woman
always have fun

Always Have Fun

It can be very easy to get wrapped up in the dating experience, your goals, and all the things you are doing to increase your chances of success, while forgetting that dating, at any age, should be fun. Not only will taking things too seriously reflect on your potential partner, likely discouraging follow-up meetings but if you forget to have fun and treat every date as too serious an endeavor, then you will find it draining and likely discourage yourself as well.

Don’t Look for Perfection in Every Date

We all want to find the perfect partner, but that process can take time. Sometimes you may not even be sure exactly what it is you are looking for in a perfect mate straight away. It can be tempting to dismiss dates that don’t seem like they will be a perfect match as not worth the time, but give them a try anyway. You never know what might develop, and at the very least it may give you a better understanding of what you are looking for.

Don’t Be Afraid of Help or Older Dating Advice

Being single, especially if most of your friends and family have a partner, can seem very isolating. The truth is there is more help out there than you think, and using that help will make your dating experience go much smoother. Whether you use dating apps and websites to help you find some potential dates or ask some friends to come on a night out to meet new people, asking for and seeking out help will never hurt.

Where Do Older Singles Meet?

One of the challenges of dating over 50 is finding new people with which to strike up a connection. So you’re probably wondering ? Dating in your 50s as a woman usually involves breaking out of your friend circle, and there is no better way to do that than starting a new hobby. A new hobby doesn’t only help you find new people, but also give you something to talk about and break the ice with on those awkward first dates.

Take Things Slow

One of the common mistakes people dating make is to rush into things too quickly. Jumping into the deep end straight away is one strategy, and for some people, it is certainly the right option, for others, though, things need to happen more slowly. Don’t ever feel like you have to rush into either dating or forming serious relationships.

It’s ok to take things slow and ease yourself into it. Start by going out and meeting new people, without any particular intention of dating, before moving onto formal dates. Also, don’t worry or be afraid that the first few dates may not go anywhere or be successful. It will take some time for you to find your footing. A slow start will pay off in the long-run by helping you find a more compatible partner.

Seeking out a new partner and entering the dating scene can be intimidating at any age. While there are various tips and tricks you can use to increase your chances of success and make the process easier, the largest hurdle most people have to overcome is being intimidated by taking the first steps. Using the advice in this guide will help you along your path to re-entering the dating scene over 50, but you still have to take the first steps. 

About the Author: Christina is a proud wife, mother, entrepreneur, author, and world traveler. Previously a successful businesswoman who gave it all up to raise children, Christina spent a lot of her free time during those years flipping through books and learning about a plethora of topics. She hopes her books will inspire and motivate others to do what makes them happy and to achieve their goals.