My friends over at Mind Valley Academy have shared this awesome infographic to help you discover your energy type. What is your energy type? Understanding your energy type is one of the biggest keys to a healthy relationship. Check out the infographic below and see what words, colors and graphics you are drawn to.

What kind of energy type do you think will be compatible with?


Understanding your energy type and the energy types of others (especially in romantic relationships) will help you gain a better perspective of yourself and the people you want to connect with. You can drive each other crazy or drive each other crazy!

Energy and relationships

man woman bus smile

If your energy types are different, this can lead to a disconnect. If you don’t see what is going on energetically in each of you it can make relationships more challenging. This will give you the basic insight you need.

Just discovering your energy type will give you a broader perspective with all the people around you and will help you create the epic life and create the amazing unique relationships that you deserve.