Don’t make the deadly mistakes that will make a keeper run for the hills! You want to know the key ways to keep him interested.

You’ve done so much work to meet this fabulous guy and you really like him. You know if he’ll stick around long enough he’ll realize YOU are the one for him!

But first, he’s going to prove his worth to you. You’ve both got to see if you are a good fit for each other. 

One Of The Best Ways To Keep Him Interested Is To Let Him Wonder What Your Thinking

When you go out you don’t have to divulge every dirty little secret in your beloved tattered diary. We know it’s got more written about previous men in there than this guy.

He doesn’t need to know the dirty details of who was the best in bed, who had the biggest . . . shoes, or anything else. Because if he knows intimate details he will be comparing his skills and manhood to other men. 

So if you do hop in the sack with him his mind will be thinking about Jimmy’s John— instead of you. 

You don’t want to tell him about the best hookup you’ve ever had because he’ll be wondering if he’s just as good.

One More Of The Ways to Keep Him Interested Is To Make Him Disconnect His Logical Brain

If he’s trying to compare the size of his baseball bat with some other guys bat, and thinking about the price of it— He won’t be present. He’ll be doing summersaults in his head trying to prove himself.

To connect with his heart instead of his brain, you need to open yourself up to be authentic. Letting him see some of you inside parts is one of the other ways to keep him interested.

When I was dating a new guy he told me he was going to quit his job and sail around the world. 

On the outside, I smiled and said, “I’m so happy for you!”

It wasn’t authentic. I wasn’t happy for him. I was terrified that he was going to sail around the world— without me.

What I wanted to say was, “If you leave I sure will miss you.”

He knew I wasn’t being real and the inauthenticity we both had going on made things not work out.

Pretending everything is unicorns and rainbows when it isn’t doesn’t keep a man interested.

Ways To Him Him Interested— Cry At A Chick Flick

When you’re honest with yourself and your feelings this leaves space for more connection. If you’re watching a movie and something sappy comes on— let the tears roll down your cheek instead of pretending not to feel anything.

The man online wants to be with a woman who IS warm and feeling— not a cold-hard icicle. A man wants a woman who isn’t afraid of her feelings.

Because if you can’t handle your own feelings then how the heck are you supposed to handle his?

Ways To Keep Him Interested— Spend Time Apart In The Beginning

If you spend 24/7 together you aren’t giving him any time to miss your most amazing parts. All of them! The soft curvy outside parts and the soft inside parts that will help him open his heart.

Women are more connected to their hearts and sometimes it’s scary to let your connection to your heart come out. It’s OK to feel scared. Take your time and slowly share your feelings with a new guy.

Ways To Keep Him Interested— Have Great Make-Out Sessions

Remember in High School you could hold hands with a guy and think your heart was going to pound out of your chest?

Get that high school feeling again by not “going all the way” so fast.

It can be fun to go straight to the sack, but it can also make the anticipation for both of you exciting. It will make you even more crazy about each other.

If you’re looking to have a good time go for it.

But if you are wanting a boyfriend or a partner and love— don’t do it. Yet. If you need help controlling yourself contact me.

What’s the rush? If you like each other your parts and his parts aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. 

If his parts leave the vicinity faster than you expected he was only wanting one thing— A plaything. A plaything to have and to hold when it’s convenient for him.

If he’s here to stay and not just to play you can give him a little more of yourself. One piece at a time.

If You Want Ways To Keep Him Interested Smell Good

Perfume ads imply that men will follow you to the North Shore and back if you smell like the model on a page does. According to Men’s Journal, Kelly Gildersleeve a post-doc research fellow from Chapman University said, “I don’t know exactly what a ‘good’ smell smells like, but the one thing I do know is that less intense odors tend to be rated as smelling better.”

So don’t overdo your fancy chemicals from a glass bottle. Let your natural scent come through. There’s no need to cover it up because someone you are physically compatible with will love the way you smell.

These are just a few tips to help you keep a man interested and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Thank you for connecting with me!