There are some women who understand what men want in a woman and she gives it to them. 

They have learned the way to be Irresistible to men. She doesn’t have to be the most attractive women at the party but there is something about her then men can’t resist.

If you have problems attracting and keeping a man around you’ve got to read the tips below to get a handle on what men really want…

So he will see you as Irresistible!

These are the 5 things that make men feel like you are the kind of woman who will add value to his life, not drama.

Being irresistible to men isn’t that hard once you know a few easy things that will make any man adore you and want to move you from casual to more serious. I want to explain it in detail.

These are the things that spark a deep attraction in a man. When you give a man these things that are so important to him, he will see you as a woman who “gets” him, unlike so many other women out there. You will shine above the others.

An irresistible woman brings positive experiences.

An irresistible woman understands that having a foundation of fun and loving, positive experiences build a deeper emotional connection with a man. These kinds of experiences will make him want to come back for more.

When you and a man are together he wants you to bring joy into his life, not sadness. So focus on having enjoying the moment you are in and not worrying about the past or the future.

John Gottman, who has studied relationships for over 40 years, says the magic ratio is 5:1. If there is one negative interaction, and there are almost always some (they help your relationship grow and evolve), there needs to be 5 positive interactions to balance out any bad mojo.

Staying positive will leave both of you feeling more satisfied and happier when you are together.

An irresistible woman has her own passions.

Being a high-value woman means having your own friends, hobbies, and passions. If a man wants a night out without you, an irresistible woman doesn’t try to weasel her way to get invited or complain about it.

If you make the man the center of your life, it will make YOU unhappy, because a man will never ALWAYS do what you want. If you make him feel guilty for living doing things without you, he will see you as a burden than instead of an equal partner that he can’t wait to see after his guys night out.

An irresistible woman doesn’t talk badly about herself.

Has anyone ever given you a compliment and you try to talk yourself out of accepting it? If a man gives you a compliment, say thank you and don’t reject his positive advances.

Talking bad about you shows a man that you don’t respect or love yourself. You must start talking positively instead of judging your own flaws. When you are together, he’s not analyzing that your butt is too big. He’s wondering what it will feel like to have your legs wrapped around him.

If you embrace your feminine qualities and own it, you will be well on your way to getting the love you want.

An irresistible woman appreciates a man for being masculine.

Men will be men, thankfully! Men are downright fabulous when you understand that your differences with them are what make our connection with a man unpredictable and exciting. And knowing what men really want will help you catch a man.

A masculine man has his own preferences and options and will do things differently than you. If you invite him to your best friend’s baby shower and he declines, show him that you respect him instead of convincing him that all the men will be there.

Whenever a woman has to persuade a man to do something that he really doesn’t want to do, he will start to feel less attracted to you. Let him make up his own mind, and don’t try to make it up for him.

An irresistible woman is easy going and has boundaries.

Masculine alpha men love when a woman can go with the flow and not try to control every situation, and also aren’t afraid to say no when something doesn’t feel good. Men like when a woman can state her preference and doesn’t bend like a pipe cleaner in a grade school craft class to his every whim.

Let’s say you and your new man are cooking dinner and you ask him to chop tomatoes for the bruschetta. Don’t tell him he is cutting them the wrong way; just let him do his thing. Does is really matter if they are in half in cubes or one-inch cubes?

There are more than 2 ways to chop a tomato and there are more than 2 ways to handle every situation.

You can bring yourself in a way that attracts a man or pushes him away.

Which do you want?

Remember more positive experiences build attraction and one of the main things that men love is for a woman to focus on other things than him. Be the woman who has a life that he wants to be a part of. When you are single, it is the best time to nurture your friendships, and explore what makes you happy and feel the passion in your own life. The passion you feel in your life will attract a man who is as passionate as you.