If you always seem to be wondering what happened, and why you’re still single, learn the top things of what pushes men away.

If you are still single and you are wondering why there are a few big things you need to know about what pushes men away. I’ve been doing tons of online profile makeovers. I send out a questionnaire to people ready to make their online dating life EPIC, so I get to take a peek about what they think.

I am mostly writing profiles for men, and a few women too. The questionnaires from men are giving me great insight into what makes them tick, what they love about women, and what drives them crazy. What pushes men away? Here is a little insight from some one-man diving into the online dating world. If you push men away, learn how to keep the ball rolling on the first date.

sassy woman

1. Not being true to yourself

One of the men, who just happened to be a speaker on Ted TV, hired me to re-write his profile  (I felt honored having such a smarty hire me), and this is was a response to one of my questions, “I think the worst thing is when someone doesn’t know herself, like when she has an idea about what she should be. Sometimes that comes out as denial.” If you have trouble trusting your own feelings you’ve got to read this!

Yikes. If you don’t know yourself, how the heck is someone going to know you? I was like this before, because I stuffed my real feelings down and put on a happy face. Is this something you are familiar with?  People aren’t true with their feelings because of…

2. Living With The F-Word.

You got it Fear. The same man also responded, “To be truthful to oneself, which allows one to be truthful to others.” If you aren’t being true to yourself, you are in denial. You are denying YOU. Your pure ESSENCE of who you really are.

It’s OK to not completely understand your feelings; they are sometimes hard to put into words. Words can’t even come close to describing what is going on inside of our hearts and minds, especially when we don’t know WHY we feel the way we feel. If you live in fear of losing that guy, learn how to keep him interested.

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3. Not Understanding How To Talk To Men.

“I value someone who articulates uncertain feelings and isn’t in denial about it, is another quote from the same man. If you don’t understand your feelings, it’s all right to vocalize it in an easy to understand way. You can use words like

  • “I feel confused about the way I feel.”
  • “I’m still sorting out my feelings.”
  • “I might be a little bit scared and need some time to talk about it when I’m not feeling so emotional.”
  • “I’m upset right now and I would rather talk about the situation when we both feel better.”
  • “I’m not sure what’s going on, but I think a connecting with a hug would be a good start.”
  • You can vocalize the way you feel simply. You can speak without blaming yourself or HIM.

Learn more about how to talk with men.

When you are getting to know someone you need to be honest with YOURSELF. This way you can be honest with him. If you can handle your feelings openly and honestly you will be showing him that you can handle his feelings, even if he doesn’t understand them.  Getting to know someone new isn’t always easy, unless you understand yourself and learn about men and the way they think too. Learn the 3 biggest steps to have good communication with men.