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If you’re confused why women always seem to fall for bad boys then you might want to start paying attention to the characters women obsess over on TV. I’m talking about characters like Don Draper from Mad Men, Damon Salvatore from the Vampire Diaries and Sawyer from Lost. I’m usually not into posting things with this kind of twist. My friends over at Dating Metrics have done a phenomenal study regarding what women are attracted to. When they first contacted me with their infographic I said no-way! They removed any gross graphics just for you my amazing readers! I like to spread the goodness, but with the dark there is always light on the other end of the stick. And I’m wondering what your thoughts are about this. Do you find these guys sexy?

Bad boys that get women glued to the TV set have a particular set of traits that make women go crazy! What are these traits anyway?

To find out which TV characters possess the traits that get women’s hearts racing, Dating Metrics hunted down dozens of “sexiest TV character” list posts (all written by women) to find out who these guys are, what traits they have in common and the overall ratio of bad boys vs. nice guys. How about balance ladies? A good guy with an edge or an edgy guy with a soft spot. That’s my favorite, but balance doesn’t always make the news.

The findings were more controversial than anticipated, because bad boys didn’t just dominate the results, they cleaned up.

But that’s not all. In fact 40% of the votes didn’t just go to any old bad boy. They went to cold-blooded killers like Dexter Morgan, Jesse Pinkman and Damon Salvatore. Ewww… I don’t know why people go for the gruesome, but they do. Is it a mindset we have? Are we letting the great men pass us by because of our old thought patterns thinking bad is sexy?

Here’s a quote from a Dexter fan that kinda sums this phenomenon up: “I’m starting to get alarmed about how many murderers I would justify getting with, but Dexter only kills other killers so it’s like he’s not even a killer at all. He’s basically Batman. Beautiful, ginger Batman.” So if a guy is only beating up bullies, is that OK with you? It’s not OK with me Dexter! Man up has taken a whole new definition according to these shows.

Vampires, Psychopaths & Serial Killers: Perfect Boyfriend Material?

Vampires Psychospaths & Serial Killers Perfect Boyfriend Material

Although this study was all about fantasy boyfriends (and no one would ever want to date a serial killer in real life), despite its light-hearted data, it does reveal some very compelling insights into the type of man women want. So the men can learn something from these actors, but you might not want to take it quite so far…

These days the divide between fantasy and reality is more transparent than ever before. Vampires are walking in the sunlight, serial killers are heroes and murdering drug dealers are family men. Yikes.

This makes them more relatable. More believable. More real.

Sure, these characters could never exist in reality, but their most attractive traits lean far closer to reality than fantasy. Traits like indifference, confidence and putting yourself first. These kinds of traits are a little more sexy, don’t ya think?

Simply put, you don’t have to develop super powers or become blood-sucking vampires to adopt the most attractive traits that make these characters so desirable.

If you want to learn more about the 10 traits you need and how you can use them to get a girlfriend check out the full report here.

Thanks for reading. I hope you learn what women really want without being too creepy!

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