I got a question from one of my readers and here she goes…

Q: It hurts when a girl builds up so much courage to approach a guy & a guy doesn’t even give her a chance.

Why be so heartless? In the following words, you will learn how to deal with getting rejected by a guy.

A: Getting rejected feels terrible, but there is nobody that hasn’t been rejected at least once. How many times have Taylor Swift had boyfriend problems? On one website I counted up to 27 ex-boyfriends on a star stalker page and got tired of counting after that. 

Even the uber rich and beautiful get dumped, rejected, and stood up. 

No matter how successful and happy you are, rejection sucks, even if there is a line of men waiting to take you out. But when there is a guy you think is really special and he rejects you… well, it hurts even more. 

Especially when you were brave enough to approach him first. And there’s no need to obsess about one tiny rejection. I like to say… Next, in line, please!

breathe man

Guys have many reasons for rejecting a girl, and we will never know exactly why he did it, so let’s make up some stories about why it happened.

His grandma died last week and he’s just not feeling flirty today. 

He met a girl yesterday that he likes but is terrified to ask on a date. 

His last girlfriend’s name was Susie, and your name is Susie.

His heart isn’t healed from his last break-up.

He has low self-esteem and thinks you are too good for him. 

He’s gay. 

He has a girlfriend. 

He doesn’t have a car to take you on a date.

He’s broke. 

The list could go on and on.

The fact of the matter is that we just have to accept that if we approach a man— there is a possibility that we could get rejected. That’s just the way things go sometimes. 

Men deal with rejection all the time too and it’s not fun for anyone. 

Rejection does serve a purpose— it helps you expand and fine-tune yourself and understand others. Or at least accept them for who they are and the choices they make.

Other people have their reasons and they have the choice to date whoever they like. You also get to reject a man if you don’t think that he is a good fit for you.

And you can also take the steps to attract a man and magnetize him to you instead!

Here Are The Top 3 Tips To Help You Deal With Getting Rejected By A Guy

fall path

Allow the hurt

The pain is there to help you grow because if everything was always cookies and ice-cream, you wouldn’t be quite so healthy. We need greens and treats to eat, just like we need the sun and the moon. There will always be ups and downs and the downs won’t always feel good.

Let the bad feelings sink in and let them process. Have a good cry. Let it all out and know that you won’t cry forever— I promise!

Don’t take it personally.

Getting rejected by one person doesn’t mean that you are not lovable. You are just not a good fit for that person at that exact time. You never know what will happen in the future. 

Your paths could cross again on the right day, or you will meet another man that will exceed your expectations.

Make your own choice.

This is your time to choose. You get 2 options. You can choose to stay with the pain forever or you can let it process and let it go. You can focus on the path to feeling better by doing things that make you feel good. The first road may be easier, because it is what you are used to, or you can take the path to growth and feeling better than ever before.

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