Do you ever wonder… Why do I push guys away? Sometimes there’s a good reason for it, but many times there are not. 

When you feel like you really connect with a man and maybe you have a couple of dates and you think he is the one… then he becomes distant.

And you wonder what to do when someone pushes you away. 

So you text. You call. You start feeling clingy. Maybe you start drinking to numb the pain, and if he does call…

Welll things might not go so well. Becuase you’re feeling desperate and doing and saying things that aren’t your best self.

And he can feel it. He can sense it. He can hear it in your words and the tone of your voice.

Maybe its subconscious. Maybe he knows he’s the center of your world, it through the universal energetic field, or the force from Star Wars. 

When you put too much energy onto a man, it can push him away…

And it can tear you apart. 

The chemistry was there, the conversation was flowing and it just seemed like it was going somewhere,  the relationship brakes get slammed. and it feels like you’re dying. 

There’s nothing but pain and tears and drama.

Somethign important to remember is when something feels so bad the universe does have ways of working things out. 

For every actions there’s a reaction.

And this is a good thing. 

And there are ways fo you to become the ultimate Goddess men adore! 

But until you get to that point, you’ve got to learn how to go from utter despair to something else. 

sad woman by a lake

The loneliness can hit you like a ton of bricks.

It can make you feel like the saddest woman in the world, and I know because I have wondered…how to stop pushing him away. 

What am I doing wrong here?

You are learning and growing. And the relationship you had was a learning one, even if it was only for a few dates, or hookups. 

The men who get pushed away, or are non-commital and run away on there own are in your life for a reason. 

These men are messengers. 

When it happened to me, it made me get clear on what I was doing that was part of the problem.

I was self-sabotaging any chance I had of a good relationship. 

The good feelings were there… and they were so good, I was waiting for the shoe to drop. Then it did. 

I had to learn these lessons over and over. Maybe you’re a faster learner than me, then again, maybe you’re not. 

lonely woman by a window

Why do I push guys away every single time I meet one I like?

It always seems to be the ones you like the most and you want to do everything to make it work out.

You will do ANYTHING to make it work with this special guy. Then you work harder, do more, and become more loving to him and not yourself.

That is where the big problem is, you forget about the most important part of the equation…

The way you FEEL.

The way you feel is one of the most important aspects that can help you live a happy healthy life. 

And when you start doing too much or acting like a doormat your self-esteem goes into the trash heap and you are left with nothing.

Talk a bout a self-esteem crusher. 

smiling woman in a city

But there are things you can do to feel better faster.

You can learn some new dating habits like taking care of yourself first. 

Every. Single. Time. 

You can get quiet and sit with yourself. And ask your body a question…

Does this feel good? Or does this feel bad.

Once you practice enough you’ll start to get in tune with your intubation and your feelings and you can learn to trust yourself again. You can also learn about the Law Of Attraction and it will serve you better than you can imagine. Check out this starter guide for the Law of Attraction here and get to a better feeling place again and again!