Should I Move On, Or Wait For Him?

Woman with clock waiting for a man

I received a letter from a reader and I want to address her issue… Should I move on? Let’s dig in. Question: Me and this guy, I’ll call him D, have gone out for a week. He broke up with me 2 weeks ago. He told me he really wasn’t ready for a relationship. He…

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My Boyfriend Is Mad And I Don’t Know Why

man ignoring with a book

Here’s another Q&A from another reader. Jenny wants to know what to do. She said, “My boyfriend is mad.” She’s not sure what to do. I have one sneaky trick that will help her attract him and increase her standards at the same time. Here is her question… Q: I don’t know why. I waited…

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How To Get Over A Guy— Fast!

If you have been a victim of a devastating breakup recently, or even one that was copacetic, you will still want to know how to get over a guy as fast as possible. We know you’ve probably gone through boxes of tissues already. It’s time fro you to get over your ex so you can…

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