6 Surprising Ways To Keep Him Interested

ways to keep him interested

Don’t make the deadly mistakes that will make a keeper run for the hills! You want to know the key ways to keep him interested. You’ve done so much work to meet this fabulous guy and you really like him. You know if he’ll stick around long enough he’ll realize YOU are the one for…

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Attract True Love By Eliminating These 3 Devastating Myths

attract true love

There are things in your mind you can change to help you attract true love that can improve your love life forever. There are myths you tell yourself that stop you from learning the keys of how to attract true love. It is true that divorce rate has dramatically risen since Neil Armstrong put a…

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8 Must Have Tips— How To Get Ready For First A Date

How To Get Ready For First A Date

How To Get Ready For A First Date—8 Tips To Create A Lasting Impression On Him This article provides a set of actionable tips to help ladies look their best and leave a lasting impression of that first date with a potential partner. The perfect date takes place when you create enough chemistry and affection…

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How To Use Bumble Online Dating App Like A Pro

how to use bumble

If you want to know how to use bumble like a pro, (like me!), you don’t want to treat it like any other dating app. It was coined the Feminist tinder at Bustle, And one the things I love about learning how to use Bumble is that it was created by a woman, who doesn’t…

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How To Be A Goddess That Men Adore— Attract Love Now

How To Be A Goddess

Do you want to know how to be Goddess? What does it mean to be a Goddess? Is it a new thing? Is, is something ancient? Is it the kind of word that only people who hang out in the woo-woo circles use? Some people see it as a pagan thing or a Greek thing,…

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What Drives Men Wild 4 Eye-Opening Tips

what drives men wild

All of my top secrets are out! I spied on men at Reddit, and they spilled the beans about what drives men wild. Are you sure you want to know? Of course, you do! And when he is driven crazy by these things you do, (not you driving him insane), that is when he will…

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4 Places To Meet Guys If You Are Sick Of Online Dating

places to meet guys

I love online dating, and maybe you do too, but you feel like you need a big fat break from your phone and you want to know the very best places to meet guys. There are more than 120 million unmarried singles just in the United States. How many of these people are straight, or…

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He Called Me A Good Girl— And I Did Not Like It

happy good girl

Being called a good girl— it’s a trap? Is it a way I should be? Is it the way I am? Am I a good girl? No. I don’t think so. And I like it when men talk to me like I am a human and not a well-behaved dog. I’m not bad girl per…

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Dating After Heartbreak— 3 Goodies You Must Know

dating after heartbreak

Getting back out there after a painful breakup can be hard. There are ways to make yourself excited about dating after heartbreak. Let’s get to some of the things that make you scared to put yourself out there again… You can get excited about dating after heartbreak even if… You told yourself you would never…

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How To Have Mindful Relationships With 5 Effortless Steps

How To Have Mindful Relationships

You can create joy, happiness and good feelings in your life while you are on the path to finding Mr. Right. The key is having mindful relationships with yourself, your friends, your family and every man you meet. Dive into these 5 easy tips to create more peace on the single path that will lead…

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