How To Act On A First Date So He Will Love To Ask You Out Again

how to act on a first date

I’ve got some bad news: If you don’t know how to crank his gears on the first date, you won’t get past date number one. I want you to know how to act on a first date so you can have a second, a third and many more to come! There’s hope for your love…

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8 Must Have Tips— How To Get Ready For First A Date

How To Get Ready For First A Date

How To Get Ready For A First Date—8 Tips To Create A Lasting Impression On Him This article provides a set of actionable tips to help ladies look their best and leave a lasting impression of that first date with a potential partner. The perfect date takes place when you create enough chemistry and affection…

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4 Places To Meet Guys If You Are Sick Of Online Dating

places to meet guys

I love online dating, and maybe you do too, but you feel like you need a big fat break from your phone and you want to know the very best places to meet guys. There are more than 120 million unmarried singles just in the United States. How many of these people are straight, or…

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Chasing Your $25,000 Smile Will Make A Man Want You Forever

big smile

Conflicting advice is all over the internet today— Some say men don’t want to chase you, others say they love it. The chase will only make a man want you forever— if, and only if, you do it the right way. Men do want to chase you, but a man needs to know (deep down inside)…

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Dating Advice For Women-5 Tips You Wish You Knew

happy couple legs on the beach

I’m sure you’ve heard plenty of bad dating advice for women in your life from your women friends, your aunt Sally, and YouTube. There is so much out there it can be overwhelming and you don’t know which advice is good and which advice is steering you down the wrong road. Don’t you wish there…

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25 Dating Tips Your Mom Wants You To Know

daughter hugging mom on mothers day

When it comes to love, we could all use a few heart-filled dating tips from mom.  More often than not, dating is a thing we have to navigate on our own. Friends, family (psst, even mothers) can warn us about the same guy and we’ll still go back until we’re ready to leave. However, if…

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5 First Date Conversation Tips & 3 Things To Bring Along

I’ve come up with some of the best first date conversation tips to make your dating life more fun. Instead of focusing on  first date jitters, dread and anxiety of still being single, after reading this you will be on your way to a fun filled dating life that will lead you on the way…

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How To Know If A Guy Really Likes You. 5 Sure Fire Signs

One of the hardest parts about dating in the modern world is How To Know If A Guy Really Likes You. You’ve gone on a date or two and you are really feeling it . . . But is he? Does he like you as much as you like him? For women, learning whether a…

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‘How Can I Stop Dating The Same Types Of Losers Over & Over?’

Three easy things you can do right now to turn your dating life around. You and your girlfriends get together for a girl’s night out and you all wonder, why do I always attract the wrong guys? Your friends tell you that you are an amazing catch, but you seem to continue dating guys who…

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The Rules Of Dating

Hi everyone, this is a special EPIC LOVE interview with Robyn Wahlgast of New Direction Dating, a relationship coaching service for women. Robyn uses “The Rules” of dating in her practice, and today we’re going to find out what that’s all about. These kinds of rules can even be used by women who don’t like…

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