4 Most Satisfying Ways To Get Over A Breakup

Ways to get over a breakup

Putting an end to a relationship dramatically impacts the mind and body but there are reliable ways to get over a breakup that will help you feel better fast. Whether the relationship lasted a short while or seemed like an eternity, breakups can leave you feeling heartbroken, lost and even physically and mentally ill. A…

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How To Heal Your Heart— 10 Love Breakup Quotes

heartbreak help i choose to love myself

Many ways can help show you how to heal your heart after a bad breakup, divorce, or losing a loved one. Losing love is a challenge, and the things you think about the past can make your pain even worse. So I want to focus on the things you believe as a pathway to feeling…

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9 Love Tips I Learned From My Divorce

serious girl with green background after divorce

Going through a divorce is one of the most painful things for anyone to experience. I can relate from my own personal divorce drama. The day my ex threatened to call the cops because my parents took my son to church made me wonder, how could it ever get this bad? Here are love tips…

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5 Ways To Heal Your Heart— So You Can FINALLY Get Over It

girl with heart sunglasses photo

Romance and love can lead to elated feelings of joy and bliss and when it ends — it can leave you devastated. After a bad break-up there are things you can do to heal your heart so that you can love again. The magic of love can permeate every cell of your body, your heart,…

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How To Feel Positive In 7 Magical Steps

happy woman on the beach

Why don’t we feel good all of the time? Do you want to want to get rid of bad thoughts? Why do we do things that make us feel so crumby? Why do we keep doing things the same way and expect change? Do you want to know how to feel positive? Is it because…

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Let Go Of The Fireworks— Let Go Of Him & Attract Love

I’m such a sucker for fireworks. This is a story about fireworks, but not just about fireworks. It’s about life, how to attract love and how we feel. We hold on. We hold on things that we can’t hold any more physically… But we try. I was driving home from a small town one night.…

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How To Stop An Obsession In 3 Simple Steps

woman staring at phone

Have you ever been obsessed with a man and find that he’s not giving you what you want or need? But you are still obsessed with him? Do you want to learn how to stop an obsession? This has happened to many woman I know, myself included. It’s so easy to live in a fantasy…

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