How To Attract A Man Online— 4 Things To Do Today

How to attract a Man Online

There are lots of ladies out there who have embarked on a journey of online dating, hoping to find their soul mate and you want to know how to attract a man online. There is nothing unusual about it since it’s just one of the numerous consequences of global digitalization. The ugly truth though, is…

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The History Of Dating— Apps Rule The World!

history of dating apps rule the world.

We’ve gone from dropping the hankie, to personals ads in newspapers to AOL to friendster to picking up people on Facebook and tinder. The dating pool that was once your hometown has spread across the globe. The history of dating has change dramatically in the last 30 years. Currently, there are around 91 million people…

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7 Things You Must Know About Your Online Dating Pictures

Some see online dating as an easier method for meeting new people but without the right online dating pictures you will be last to the finish line. Competition online is fierce so you’ve got to stand out from the rest of the people online. So many people don’t put much effort into creating a profile…

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How To Make The Best Online Dating Profile & Attract Men In 4 Steps

In today’s fast paced world, meeting people is not as easy as it once was. So you have to know how to make the best online dating profile so you don’t get lost in the millions of ladies online That’s why so many women are turning to dating websites and creating profiles to help streamline…

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5 Must Haves For Your Best Online Dating Profile

You’ve been thinking about joining an online dating service, you’re a little freaked out about putting your online dating profile online. But you’re tired of being single, so you start digging around and asking your friends which sites they’re on. You’ve decided to take the icy plunge into online dating, I think it’s time to…

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Online Dating Advice For Women. How Long Do I Wait? [VIDEO]

Dina Colada with Hot Dog Video PIcture

Have you ever wondered… What is the best online dating advice for women concerning “How long should I wait to meet a guy from online?” Check out this quickie video and find out: How long should I flirt? Should I make him work hard to meet me? So, you are new to online dating, or…

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The Big 3 Online Dating Mistakes & How To Fix Them Fast

Please watch the online dating mistakes video below! Here is my first video for Digital Romance TV! It was my first video ever and I wasn’t even looking into the camera. My bad! If you are online dating, you are probably making at least one of the Big 3 Online Dating Mistakes that I see…

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The Biggest Online Dating Mistakes & 2 Fast n Fab Fixes

After reading and writing thousands of online dating profiles, I have seen a thing or two when it comes to the good, the bad an d90% of the profiles online are just downright boring. I have picked out the 2 biggest online dating mistakes singles make with their profile. I have not only read all…

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4 Tragic Online Dating Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

If you are looking to hear those sweet words of “I love you,” someday from a special someone who has good taste in shoes and looks good in a towel, you’ll want to be prepared. Do not make the top 4 online dating mistakes that could leave you high and dry and ready to cry.…

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