Simple Steps You Can Do To Create Self Love

self love girl loving herself

Most of us move through life’s journey carrying a heavy bag of ideas about ourselves upon our shoulders. “I’m not funny, I’m too fat, I’m lazy.” Take your pick, the list is almost endless. Some people don’t even know what the words self love even mean.   Then every now and again we meet someone…

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How To Feel Feminine In 4 Womanly Steps

How To Feel Feminine and attract love

Women Who Are Good With Men Know How To Feel Feminine. Being feminine isn’t about changing yourself, it’s more about getting into your sensual-receptive nature. It’s biological. Our bodies are physically designed to be receptive to men— and they like it. When you embrace it yourself, you will love it too. If you want to…

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How To Be A Goddess That Men Adore— Attract Love Now

How To Be A Goddess

What does it mean to learn how to be a Goddess? Is it a new thing? Is, is something ancient? Is it the kind of word that only people who hang out in the woo-woo circles use? Some people see it as a pagan thing or a Greek thing, but I see a Feminine Goddess…

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He Called Me A Good Girl— And I Did Not Like It

happy good girl

Being called a good girl— it’s a trap? Is it a way I should be? Is it the way I am? Am I a good girl? No. I don’t think so. And I like it when men talk to me like I am a human and not a well-behaved dog. I’m not bad girl per…

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I Feel Like I’m Not Good Enough. 3 Easy Ways To Love Yourself.

Girl loving herself

Have you ever had these thoughts? When I wake up in the morning, I feel like I’m not good enough. I feel like I have lost control over everything in my life. I feel like I’ve been running on a hamster wheel for 20-30-40 or more years. I am not good enough. I am not…

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How To Attract A Man In 5 Powerfully Sexy Steps

man chasing woman on the beach

Making a man want you sexually, is the easy part of attraction—But you are probably wondering how do I make a good man want me for the long term? Attracting a man is the easy part. You can dress sexy, smile, touch his arm when you don’t need to and flirt, but the big burning…

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3 Simple Steps to Be Single and Happy

single happy woman with a hat

You love having flexibility in all areas of your life, and it sounds like a perfect fit, since you have a crazy schedule. So you set up an appointment to take a tour to see what machines and other fitness classes they have to offer. You think to yourself, “I might as well check out…

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How To Feel Positive In 7 Magical Steps

happy woman on the beach

Why don’t we feel good all of the time? Do you want to want to get rid of bad thoughts? Why do we do things that make us feel so crumby? Why do we keep doing things the same way and expect change? Do you want to know how to feel positive? Is it because…

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15 Personal Growth Quotes To Unleash The Best You

Personal growth quotes are mantras for personal growth and greatness! We all need reminders! Enjoy this list of popular and rare quotes! 15 Personal Growth Quotes To Unleash The Best You 1. “I want to grow. I want to be better. You Grow. We all grow….

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What Makes You Happy Quiz

Independence day is over and many of you are celebrating your independence! People die for freedom and being single really isn’t so bad. But one of the things that could be holding you back in the love department is not knowing what makes you happy. When you are single for long enough, it can help…

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