What Makes You Happy Quiz

Independence day is over and many of you are celebrating your independence! People die for freedom and being single really isn’t so bad. But one of the things that could be holding you back in the love department is not knowing what makes you happy. When you are single for long enough, it can help…

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4 Easy Steps Using Law Of Attraction Love Affirmations

Law Of Attraction Love Affirmations

If you want to attract love, a great way to start is by raising your vibration. There are 3 easy steps to get into your heart and away from your mind that will help you get the love you want. When you do this you will learn to step outside of the mind chatter and…

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Embrace Your Feminine Side In 3 Sensual Steps

So… you’ve been single for a while with a few mediocre dates— and it seems like you haven’t had sex in a year (actually, it’s probably been more than a year). And hopefully, you anticipate the day of being with a man that turns you on again— someday. The best way to attract a man…

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5 Hot Essential Principles: How To Enjoy Being Single

We’ve all been there— you know… Singledom. There are 5 easy things that will help you enjoy being single, instead of feeling sad and lonely over your Single Facebook Status. I was reading an article called heat seekers in Psychology Today. This piece was based on a study in Emotion. The participants who felt sad and…

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