How To Have An Emotional Bond With A Man— 3 Surprising Tips

emotional bond

If you want to know how to have an emotional bond with a man and have a real relationship that makes him never want to leave— You can learn to be the woman that “gets” him. There is something that will keep him connected and invested for long-term, and not just for a fling. With…

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What Drives Men Wild 4 Eye-Opening Tips

what drives men wild

All of my top secrets are out! I spied on men at Reddit, and they spilled the beans about what drives men wild. Are you sure you want to know? Of course, you do! And when he is driven crazy by these things you do, (not you driving him insane), that is when he will…

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15 Reasons You Think All Men Are Jerks & 3 Ways To Fix It

Maybe you’ve thought to yourself, “All men are jerks!” And there are some men out there who have done some pretty lowbrow things… why do they do the things they do? Because those men are human—just like us. Those testosterone-laden, biped male mammals, have hurts, flaws, and learning to do— just like us. Men, (and…

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