How to Attract Any Man

Doesn’t it seem like attracting men should just come naturally for women?

Well… it does for the lucky few. But for the rest of us, we’ve got to work at it. We see women like that and it just makes our stomach turn.

There are women who sashay down the produce aisle in their yoga pants with no make-up, their hair in a pony tail, and men just can’t keep their eyes away. I mean she could even be wearing a scrunchy and still get hit on by men.

This plain Jane looks at the mangoes, while men can’t help but stare at her mangoes, and it’s not just her physical appearance, it’s something else. She is like delicious organic golden clover honey. He wants to get in the hive and get a taste of her sweetness. He sniffs, approaches the fruit section, and then before you know it, she is digging a pen out of her purse to give him her number.

She wasn’t even as sexy as you or as smart as you, or dressed as nice as you. What the heck is going on here? Whatever it is, she’s got it.

Women like that have something that people call je ne sais quoi. In the English translation it literally means ”I don’t know what.”

Ok it sounded better in French, but at least we know what it means. Or do we?

Maybe we just wish we knew what je ne sais quoi meant.

Whatever it is, it’s pleasant. We want it, and the men certainly want it.

It is not just a flip of your locks or having an hourglass figure. The main key of having je ne sais quoi is something that comes from within you, and it’s certainly not snooty.

I have done a little homework on what it means to have je ne sais quoi (trust me it took a lot of practice to live it) and I can teach you a couple “I don’t know what,” tips that will show you how to attract men.

Get In Touch With Your Honey

Say what?

There is an old English proverb that says “ you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.” Metaphorically speaking… you are the honey and the men are the flies. Ok, in this case we’ll make them the bears.

The vinegar is the negative thinking you have accumulated over the years. Vinegar keeps the flies at bay and the men far away. These kinds of thoughts keep your honey where no bear can reach.

So you want to get in touch with your honey and the only way to do this is to love yourself enough and to be selfish enough to be sweet… to yourself.

I want you to develop a je ne sais quoi mantra for yourself. Saying (or singing) this mantra will help you feel empowered, charming, indefinable, mysterious, elusive and very sexy. Mantras are often practiced in the Eastern religions to enable transformation.

When you are aware of change that you want to make on the insides it will show itself to the outside, to yourself and as an added bonus, to the men.

You can develop a practice to change your beliefs and patterns by creating new habits, and an easy way to create change is through the use of a mantra.

Here is an easy to remember je ne sais quoi mantra you can use anytime.

You want it, You got it. You want it baby I got it. Ah. Aahhhh Hey… Ahhhh Ahhha… you get my drift.

With this mantra you will busta move right out of your negative thinking. When you are using this powerful mantra you might even be prone to dancing and definitely strutting your stuff the next time you’re shopping in the market for some bananas and melons. You’ll soon see that you and your fruit has je ne sais quoi.

It’s juicy. It’s sweet and the men just won’t know why. But you will know the secret of how to attract with men by just by loving yourself.

The mantra is fun and will connect you with yourself. It goes perfectly with this video where you will discover 3 simple tricks no man can resist.

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Dina Colada

Dina is the founder and love ambassador of Dina Colada. She is on a mission to help you create epic LOVE in your life. Learn how to heal your heart, flirt, change your negative beliefs and find the real love that you are looking for!

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