My Boyfriend Is Mad And I Don’t Know Why

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Here’s another Q&A from another reader. Jenny wants to know what to do. She said, “My boyfriend is mad.” She’s not sure what to do. I have one sneaky trick that will help her attract him and increase her standards at the same time. Here is her question…

Q: I don’t know why. I waited 3 days to give him some time to cool off then I texted him today. I asked why he was mad and he would not tell me. He said he wanted me to be mad too.

Later I told him I wanted to better myself and wanted to know what I did wrong so I could fix it. I asked for help and that’s when he stopped answering. What the heck is going on!?!?!? Please explain this!

A: It’s so frustrating when a guy won’t communicate and you’re left feeling totally confused.

That’s great you want to better yourself, but don’t better yourself for him, better yourself for YOU! That is the best thing you can do.

Bettering yourself won’t “fix” your relationship or whatever happened.

You gave him cool off time, so you knew something was going on right?

I recommend not contacting him. At all. Seriously.

I know it’s so hard when you’re all wrapped up in a guy, so you’ve gotta take care of YOU.

My sneaky trick to get him to come back is to take your focus OFF of HIM.


Do not call.
Do not text.
Do not send email.

If he won’t communicate with you, talking AT him will not solve any problems. Trying to fix something won’t make this guy hear you.

What will make a man hear you is when he doesn’t hear you, see you, smell you, or touch you. Take a little break from dating. Or a big one.

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Your actions will speak louder than words. By not contacting him, you will be showing him that you are a strong amazing woman who doesn’t “need” him or want to try to fix anything.

Take this time to write all the crap that is coming up in your feelings and your heart. Cry. Hit your pillow if you are mad. It’s OK if you are mad.

Let him wonder where you are. Let him miss you.

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Take this time to take care of you. Take bubble baths and be gentle with yourself. Go get a pedicure or buy a new dress that makes you feel like a million bucks! Hang out with your friends.

If he contacts you, then you can have a conversation. But for now, it’s time to take care of you!

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