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So, since The Secret movie and best selling book came out a few years ago, it showered the world with more knowledge about the Law Of Attraction. I’ve known about his stuff since I was a little girl thanks to my grandmother and her plentiful stash of books on metaphysical, ESP among some other interesting topics. Norman Vincent Peale in the Power of Positive Thinking was one of the earliest “teachers” in the Law Of Attraction and now there are many.

The movie and the book featured amazing  teachers, like Jack Canfield, Michael Beckwith and my co-authors Esther and Jerry Hicks, and Neale Donald Walsch )who was so sweet when I asked him to sign “our” book) live by these principals. My other co-author Sandy Forster was filmed to be in the Secret too. When I read the book and saw the movie, I was so in to it.

The Secret has been criticized and loved by many.

Could your dating and love life use a little pick me up, or a lot of it? If you are single, I’m guessing you could have another good date or two lined up and ready to take you out on Saturday night. It’s always good for a girl to have options, and having too many is better than having none.

Using the law of attraction is very powerful and will work magic in your dating and love life.

There are some things you need to know about the Law of Attraction. It is a universal law, even if you did not realize it. You are using it even if only subconsciously. Whatever you focus your attention on is what will be attracted into your life, even if you perceive it as negative. If you don’t want something in your life and you have strong feelings about it and give it at lot of thought, it will come into your life by default.

Like attracts like and the same holds true for dislike attracts dislike. So if you are thinking about something, especially thinking about something obsessively that you do not want, I can almost guarantee that it will come into your experience even if you don’t want it to.

When using the law of attraction you need to get clear on what you do want to bring into your life. Get really clear and write a list. There are some dos and don’ts in creating your Law of Attraction List.

Do use positive words                                Don’t use negative words

I am making time for dating my life              I’m trying to make time for dating

I am open to receive love                              I wish I could find someone to love me

I meet amazing men wherever I go              I should find an amazing partner

You can use the law of attraction first to find a date then to find love. But you got to be clear and positive in what it is you are looking for. Stay tuned for more articles on love, life and the Law of Attraction.

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