How To Be A Goddess That Men Adore— Attract Love Now

How To Be A Goddess

What does it mean to learn how to be a Goddess?

Is it a new thing? Is, is something ancient? Is it the kind of word that only people who hang out in the woo-woo circles use?

Some people see it as a pagan thing or a Greek thing, but I see a Feminine Goddess as a modern woman who is in her fullness, full of passion and love, and that is amazing.

And you can learn how to be a Goddess and tap into your passionate feminine power and this attracts men to you like sweet honey.

I went to a Goddess retreat several years ago, and I didn’t know what to expect, and I indeed was not fully embracing my Goddess self. Goddess Dina.

I didn’t have enough love for myself and the day was very eye-opening and I didn’t know how to be a Goddess.

Do You Want To Know What I Did That Day To Gain A Full Understanding And Learn How To Be A Goddess?

There were a few things that we did, and it was a beautiful day of self-healing with some fantastic women. We celebrated the divine feminine in every one of us. I wonder if there were other women who didn’t embrace their inner Goddess, like me?

Probably. Except for maybe one who was so in love with herself it was like gooey chocolate syrup oozing off a plate. That was what I wanted, and didn’t know how to get there.

And what was different about her? She was joyous and overflowing with love for others, but mainly herself, and her connection with something more profound. She knew how to be a Goddess!

We had wonderful food, cord cutting, and healing sessions and much more than that.

Before the retreat, the woman overflowing with love had drawn a Goddess Card for each of us. My card was Goddess Brigit. Her on the card it said, “Don’t Back Down” and Stand up for what you believe is right. I now have these Goddess oracle cards and LOVE THEM and I think you will too. 

And I didn’t know how to do that. I was still embracing my wants and needs and didn’t feel connected in any way to Goddess Brigit, or maybe I wasn’t connected to my Goddess. I think that was the real issue.

We were supposed to research the history of our Goddess to share with the other women, and I hadn’t done much research. I felt ashamed, and like a fraud, because I wasn’t feeling a connection with Brigit and I didn’t know how to say it.

So I went in unprepared with not much information on her and felt terrible about myself because I didn’t put in much effort and I didn’t feel like a Goddess.

We were each asked to bring a gift for each woman in the tribe. At the closing of the day, we were asked to stand in a circle. Each of us took turns standing in the middle as “the Goddess” and dance and sing the praises of each woman there as we threw gifts at her feet.

It was great for everyone else, and I could shower someone else with praise. And then, it was my turn.

I had to stand in the middle and let people hold me up when I was feeling like a fraud.

I Didn’t Know How To Be A Goddess.

I walked to the center of the circle with a feeling of dread and fakeness that I couldn’t shake as I chanted “I am Goddess Brigit” but I wasn’t.

There was no connection with her.

Then the leader of the day stood in the center of the circle with her arms outspread, and she said, “I am Goddess Elyssa!” She used her own spirit’s name and not the name of a Goddess from a card.

She was her authentic self.

Then it all made sense to me. I wasn’t Goddess Brigit. I was Goddess Dina! It was like a lightning bolt shot straight into my brain and said, “News Flash!”

You are a Goddess in your own right, and at that time I knew I was too but wasn’t fully embracing it.

There were still lessons for me to learn to love myself even more, and there probably always will be. But the easiest way to be a Goddess that men adore is to be true to yourself first.

Don’t be afraid to say no.
Don’t be afraid to speak your mind.
Don’t be afraid of Change.
Don’t be afraid of letting go of control and…
Don’t be afraid to be you.

Because you are perfect where you are.

It’s time to dig into the steps you can take to be a real-life Goddess.

It’s time to figure your stuff out because it will help you find the love you want and help you get into your Goddess self. I will be sharing some things here on for you to try out and see what a good fit or you is.

Whatever works keep it around, and what doesn’t serve you, ditch it.

I’m not here a guru, or a know-it-all or anything like that, because figuring me out is a never-ending challenge. And it will be for you too, and every person is different, and some things work for some, but not for others.

Change Your Mind To A Goddess Mindset

We are not “simple” people. We are women. We grow, and we can change our minds from minute to minute any time we damn well, please.

Because when we change our minds, we are on a path to discovery and know when we change our minds, it’s for a good reason, and the reason is that something didn’t feel right. Something was off.

And changing our minds gives us power and as the old saying goes, “change is good,” especially if staying the same keeps us in our old self-defeating patterns.

So let’s get rid of some of those negative beliefs, shall we Goddess?

Step 1: Notice the things you tell yourself.
Step 2: Don’t beat yourself up about it.
Step 3: Gently change your thoughts to something that feels better.

I am a big believer in the Law Of Attraction or LOA.

What you think about you bring about. It is true and if you don’t, believe me, you can test it out yourself.

For example: Let’s say you stub your toe on the way to brush your teeth when you get up, and you let this one little interaction set the stage for your entire day.

I know hitting your toe on the bedpost hurts like hell, but if you say drearily to yourself… Oh, it looks like it’s gonna be one of those days.

Then you brew coffee while you get dressed, and the button pops off your favorite shirt, and you spill your coffee on the way to work. To top it all off, your boss loads you up with yet another report due on Monday, the same day as your presentation.

And then, on your way home, you get stuck in traffic, and you pick up some Chinese takeout, and when you get home, you discover they gave you wheat noodles instead of rice noodles.

The horror!

Let’s try a different approach to the toe stubbing or anything that rubs you the wrong way it is part of the heart healing process of becoming a Goddess— Tapping into your feminine essence. 

Refocus your thoughts like a Goddess would.

When you think about how much your toe hurts you can instead shift your thoughts to something like…

  • I’m really awake now, and I probably don’t even need my usual 20 oz coffee.
    If that is the worst thing that happens to me, then I have a pretty incredible life.
    I’m so lucky that I have a bed to stub my toe on.
    I am blessed that I didn’t break my toe.
    My pedicure still looks great.
    I can’t wait to go shoe shopping.

The list can go on and on and on.

Or it can go the exact opposite and drone on about all of the things that you despise. That doesn’t do anybody any good, ever.

See A Good Goddess In Everything

Yes, even the throbbing toe, it is telling you something.

Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your actions. Dalai Lama

I don’t think he meant the action of stubbing your toe, but your actions about it.

And I say happiness also comes from your thoughts, and you have the choice to change them anytime you choose

If you have been saying the same things to yourself over and over, it won’t magically change overnight.

It is a process that will take rewiring of your brain.

When your thoughts say the same things, again and again, the neural pathway becomes locked into your brain.

Sure, it’s much easier to stay stuck in your yucky thought to thin the same bad things about yourself, about men, and about the way things are, or “should” be.

And you can create new thoughts if you only let yourself think outside of the limiting box that you have built inside your mind.

It’s time for you to stop telling yourself that you will be single forever or all men are the same or all the good men are taken

Who cares what your brain is telling you? You know deep in your heart that these things are not real. You see that overgeneralizing and black and white thinking never helped the human species evolve.

Imagine if everyone still thought the world was flat, (there are still a few non-believers out there).

What it big dreams was just squashed like a bug before they even had a chance?

Attracting big love and loving yourself takes risks, but don’t you think it will be worth it?

Imagine staying stuck where you are right now forever and not learning to be a Goddess.

What are your old thoughts holding you back from, real good-and-true happiness?

What will you miss out on if you don’t learn how to be a Goddess and you let the “I’m not good enough” record running your life. It never stops?

Leaving your negative thoughts where they are will leave you unhappy.

So Challenge Your Thoughts

Ask your thoughts questions. Your mind is not the all-mighty authority that runs your life.

Challenging yourself is part of the Goddess way. Challenging yourself will help you grow. Challenging yourself will help you and the human race expand into the unknown. Challenging yourself will help you love yourself and get what you want!

Being brave enough to listen to your deepest desires is part of learning about how to be a Goddess that you love and men adore.

So challenge the status quo and create a life that you choose. A life that isn’t easy but will make you happy.

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