How To Feel Positive In 7 Magical Steps

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Why don’t we feel good all of the time? Do you want to want to get rid of bad thoughts? Why do we do things that make us feel so crumby? Why do we keep doing things the same way and expect change? Do you want to know how to feel positive?

Is it because we are crazy or because we don’t know any better?

Well… you’re not crazy, and it’s not your fault. It is from classical conditioning.

Here are some examples of scenarios that lead to this problem.

In grade school a teacher made you put your nose in the corner because you were busy telling your best friend about your magical dream during quiet time. This talk about the fairies in your mind ended up with you missing out on playing with the real fairies in the tire swing during recess.

In turn, this made you think that your voice wasn’t important and keeping quiet is more important than getting in trouble.

Have you heard of Pavlov’s dog? It was research from Ivan Pavlov—where he conditioned dogs to respond by salivating from a certain stimulus.

People can be conditioned the same way.

Then, when you were a teenager, there was a rumor that you were a bad kisser. Everyone, and I mean everyone, knew about it. The story of you and your “fish lips” was running rampant in homeroom, gym, at lunch and you could hear people laughing in the back of the bus.

But there was one bully in particular that wouldn’t let it go. He incessantly brought up a snarky kissy face every time he saw you in the hall. Every time you see a kissy face selfie it makes your stomach do somersaults and brings back bad memories of crossing his path and getting teased.

Because you were conditioned by external stimulus to think you were a bad kisser (even though you weren’t).

You felt like you would never get a date for any high school dance and now you are still thinking you are a bad kisser even though you were 13 and that was 27 years ago.

Now that kind of teasing behavior is stupid— and mean— and can affect you throughout their entire life— unless you DO something about it.

And the good news is that you CAN do something about it.

You can re-condition yourself.

The reason that bully said and did the mean things he did, was probably because of his classical conditioning. When he went home at night his father didn’t have one nice thing to say. He was never good enough and his dad would hit him for being stupid on a regular basis.

This young man was conditioned to behave that way. He didn’t know how to act differently due to his classical conditioning.

Negative classical conditioning is a dangerous cycle that has to stop with you—me—us… for the emotional and spiritual evolution of the planet.

The Main Problems With Negative Conditioning

  1. Negative conditioning will keep you living in the state where you have always been, and somewhere else feels better. The road to feeling better is a place you don’t know how to get to because you never had a map. You’ve never even seen a road sign, except maybe once on Oprah.
  2. Negative conditioning can keep you clinging onto the past, old ways of thinking and the way “things used to be,” instead of the way things “could be.”
  3. Negative conditioning will keep you in the mindset of the “bad old days.”

When we do this we are settling into ourselves and our old habits. Settling into old ways of thinking. These habits us and others have trained ourselves into thinking have become beliefs and most of them are not true.

What can do about it? Learn how to feel positive and practice every single day.

So, what is the best way to get out of this negative conditioning that we have locked ourselves into?

Why are we wasting our time clinging, to the past and not feeling worthy? Because we didn’t know how to do anything different, but today is different.

You sick and tired of feeling sick and tired and lonely and hearing these nasty voices from the past and still inside your head. From all the times you have felt bad you know we want to feel better as quickly as we possibly can.

Beliefs are thoughts we have trained ourselves to think over and over and over.

It’s time to stop wasting your time with thoughts that came from other people and hold us back in love and life.

When you tell yourself something so many times, your body and your environment prove it is your reality and that is why is sucks because you think it does.

Life does a good job of proving your thoughts are your real, so why would you believe anything else?

Because you can see other people leading lives that are so different, and the ideas that even Victor Frankl could see the light at the end of the tunnel in a concentration camp. If a pea in a pot of soup can make someone happy, certainly you can find something to be grateful for.

People who change their beliefs can inspire those around them.

It starts with a little shift— in your thinking.

People who have done great things in their lives know there is something bigger and better. And that thing is change. We can all use it, and we can all do it.

Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream and he knew that the reality in his world could be shifted, no matter what other people said.

His thoughts were so powerful and positive it made great change not only in his life, but affected millions of people’s lives still today. He shifted his thoughts, which became beliefs, which shifted the consciousness on a bigger scale and changed reality of those whose life he touched.

Mr. King is not the only one who has this ability to change reality.  So do you. You are a powerful creator with a spark of life inside of you that you can tap into if you so choose.

When you play out things in your head consciously, or unconsciously it becomes your life experience. Life will give you feedback constantly to prove to you that you are right.

You can change your thoughts so the world around you begins to match them in a more brilliant and deliberate way. The steps are simple but are critical to change your negative ways of thinking.

How to feel positive in 7 easy steps.

  1. 1. Be aware of your thoughts.

When you notice something that gives you the heebie jeebies in your body or you mind, take a mental note.

  1. 2. Don’t beat yourself if you think a thought your thinking that isn’t serving you, because it really is.

The nasty thought that come up serve a purpose. When you are aware that this kind of thinking can give you clarity because the uncomfortable feelings are a good push to get you to do something about it.

  1. 3. Do something to feel better.

Focus on your breath and appreciate that you’ve got that going on.

  1. 4. Stick your head in the sand if you have to.

Listen to your favorite song, drink some tea or get grounded with a tree pose and get in touch with your body. Take a nap if you have to. A nap is the perfect reset button in your brain.

  1. 5. Write down positive thoughts.

Get yourself busy with some handwritten gratitude.

  1. 6. Say them to yourself inside your head and out loud.

When you are feeling good say them, sing them and put them on twitter. The butterfly effect works in social media if it comes from a heart centered authentic place. Your tiny message could put a smile on someone’s face when they really needed it.

7.     Stick to the program.

Habits become beliefs and your beliefs become your reality. It’s time to stop the negative conditioning and begin the new positive conditioning.

Positive conditioning is a new practice to teach you the way to live the life of your dreams.

It all starts with changing one thought. Which thought could you change today that isn’t serving your highest good?

Negative  conditioning will become positive conditioning, and it just takes a little practice. If you like what you’ve read and want to learn more, please watch this short video.

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